Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update...Coming Back!

I have stopped writing on my blog for a while and that is because I don't have a camera to upload OOTDs and I am finishing my Winter quarter at school. This upcoming week I am going to be dedicating my time to my finals which means that I get to come back online really soon. Other than school I haven't done much these past weeks.
I go to school really early and the time change made me even lazier, but I have not been dressing up as much as I'd like. I have been wearing a lot of t-shirts, sneakers, and at times I have worn sweats. So, I am into make-up right now more than clothes. I have been doing my makeup as much as I can because every day I am inspired by something totally different and I like to express myself with eyeshadow. i really want to do my make-up like Demi Lovato because I currently saw her MTV documentary (if you haven't watched it yet go watch it online, she is now my idol) and loved how she looked...

 Also, yesterday I was sorting my jewlery and saw all my old bracelets and I am going to bring them back. I wore them to sleep last night and all day today, but took them off a few hours ago because I could already feel the bands digging into my wrist.  Below are a few old pictures of me wearing them...
The bracelets from above ripped so I only have the one in between the other two... I just have to fix it.

There are others that have been added to my collection so my arm is almost fully covered. I love the way bracelets look when they are stacked, do you?

Hope to come back online soon,