Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 22): The Roadtrip [WiFi]

If this post makes it up I'm either back home or found WiFi (hopefully it's the latter). 

I'm currently sitting in my family's suburban trying to connect to a WiFi connection from a nearby restaurant (which we ate at today). It goes on and off, but in the end it hasn't been working. I'm trying to connect in order to download a library book I had placed on hold using my OverDrive app. 

During the past few days (Days 18-21) I was traveling to Mexico. We left on the 18th and we were going to get here on the 20th before noon, but we started having car troubles. We got to Tepic and had to stop at a mechanics and we were there all day we got there really early in the morning before 8am and left until after 5pm. We decided to drive through the night because we just wanted to get home by that time. We got home until 3am the next morning. We slept in the next day, took a good shower and ate, went to church, visited my grandma, visited my aunts, and finally came home and slept again. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 17): Last One this Year?

Today I packed some things I had forgotten to place in my luggage, I still need to pack some stuff tomorrow morning because I need to use them tonight (i.e. pajamas and toothbrush). I'm also taking my backpack with my electronics and a book and then a few things to entertain me while we drive (as if I was a child). Tomorrow I am going to make some chicken wraps so that we won't have to stop as often as usual in order to eat. We also went to Walmart today in order to buy two big bags of trail mix and other snacks. My dad and I might go back again tomorrow morning while my siblings are working in order to buy salads and brown rice (because there is none in the small town we go to!). I also charged my iPod and downloaded all the podcasts I haven't listened to and if my iPod doesn't run out of energy then I'm not going to be bored at all on the ride down to Mexico (and possibly the ride back home). 
Tomorrow we also need to load everything into the car and hopefully remember everything we need. We need to do so much in one day that it's nuts and meaning this is possibly my last Blogmas post, but here's to hoping that I find Wifi once we arrive in our town or on the road. So if I don't write again I want to wish everyone health, happiness, peace... and of course Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 16):Packing

Today I packed the clothes I'm taking with me even though I still forgot to place some things in my bag. I didn't make a list of things so I'm going to do that tomorrow and hopefully be done with packing entirely. I also need to pack my backpack with all the things I'm taking to occupy my time on the road.
Other than packing today I watched the few YouTube videos that were on my subscription feed. Then I spend almost all day catching up on all the blogs I follow. I had to do that before leaving because I noticed that the Feedly app I use removes blog posts I haven't read after 30 days of not having read them. Once I did all that I went to Target and Dollar Tree with my brother and sister to buy a few more things. Once I came back home and ate dinner I decided to play Sims 4 because I've wanted to play it all weekend, but I didn't have time to do it. 
And now I'm going to relax for a few minutes before taking a shower and then going to sleep.
Also it was cold and rainy all day so I was wearing my robe all day because it's so warm. Oh and I dyed my mom's hair this morning and it actually makes her look different. 
I also keep forgetting to link my new Book Haul video, so go check it out on my YouTube channel:

Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 15): Nothing

So today I basically did nothing, but watch YouTube videos. Although in between watching all the videos I curled my hair with a new curling wand my sister bought me from Walmart. It is a 1" barrel Bed Head Curling wand and it heats up pretty fast and actually works great, it only cost $11. My sister also bought me the Bed Head 1" straightener (for the same price), but I might wait to use that later on. 
Once my siblings came home from work we went to the stores we tried to go to last night and we bought things we are giving to family members in Mexico. We also bought some hair dye from Sally's because my mom wants me to dye her hair before leaving. 
Tomorrow I plan on dying her hair which means I have to wear some old clothes because I always manage to get paint on my clothes. I'm also going to start packing since we only have two more days before we leave. I need to make a check list as well because I don't want to leave anything behind.
These last two days are going to be nuts because I have to wear what I don't plan on taking and I haven't even figured out what to take yet. Also, the actual day that we leave is always my least favorite because everyone is yelling and nervous and it's just annoying. It makes me not want to be stuck in a car with everyone, but once we leave our house and realize that we have everything we need then that's when it starts to get fun. Even though the best part of the trip is when we actually arrive at our destination because by that time we just want to stretch out on our beds and fall asleep for hours.
Anyways sorry if the next two posts are short, but I'm not doing much and I just want to relax and use the internet as much as possible while I still can.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 14): Errands

These next few days are going to be tough because of the small amount of time that we have before traveling to Mexico. We plan to leave Thursday afternoon so that means that Blogmas is ending on Day 17 (unless I find free Wifi on the road). 
Today was just as busy as yesterday. I woke up and went to buy breakfast for the family. Once we finished eating we went to buy groceries. After coming back from the groceries my sister and I went to buy her godson a present. Once we got back home we ate dinner. After dinner my sister came over and we hung out until a bit after 6pm. Once they went home my sister, mom, and I went to buy some more necessities, but the stores we planned to go to where already closed. So we just ended up going to CVS in order to pick up some prescriptions and then we went back home. We finally just watched Once Upon a Time and I completed a project. That project being removing beads from my huge Domo doll and stuffing it with the normal stuffing (turning it into a pillow). 
You can still see a few beads on his face. Those things got stuck on me and went all over the place so I need to clean my room up again tomorrow.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 13): Busy Day

I'm sorry that this post is going up so late, but it's been such a busy day that I barely had time to sit down and write. I actually started writing (the draft didn't download onto my blogger app), but had to stop to feed my nephew and unfortunately my iPad doesn't want to connect to the internet anymore so hopefully I get this up before 12am (or you'll be getting two posts on Sunday). So here is a quick summary of what I did today...
Went to McDonalds with my sister and got ourselves a breakfast platter. Ate it back at home while watching an episode of Jerry Signfield's comedians in cars show. Once we finished we went out to buy presents for the three guys in our house, my dad and two brothers. We went to Walmart as well and bought some things for my grandma and aunts. We then got home and went back out to get lunch/dinner for everyone. While eating my nephews came over. It was already a bit past 3pm so I asked them if they wanted to go to the rummage sale at the library and they agreed to go, we went and got a lot of books along with a free sweater and an apron. We then got back home since the rummage sale ended at 4pm. As soon as we got home my dad invited my sister and I to go to a Kmart a few miles away to go buy the TV/DVD combo set we had seen this week. We got home just in time to round everyone up in order to go to church. Once we came back I helped my dad set up the TV because he wants to try it out while we are still here. I then went to my brother's house to hangout with my nephews and film the second half of my haul which I will upload tomorrow. My nephew also helped me take pictures of my outfit since I wore one of my new shirts today.
My mom made me this circle scarf and I am in love with it. I'm wearing my avenue leggings, long sleeve stripped baseball T, green anorak, and my trusty old Converse.
Oh and my purse which has come in handy.

I then edited my video and tried to upload it, but the internet is acting up so hopefully it will be up tomorrow. After feeding my nephew I tucked him and his brother into bed with three blankets since it's going to be a cold night. And finally I came home and took a shower before laying under my covers and writing all this down. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 12): Mabel takes a Tumble

I woke up to rain today which contributed to my trip to the library. I decided to go to the library at 11:40am since the rummage sale wasn't going to start until 12pm. It actually stopped raining and the weather channel website said that it wouldn't start raining again until around 6pm. My front porch tends to get slippery because of all the water so my mom reminded me to be careful while going down the steps. I actually succeed at not slipping down the stairs, but once I walked down my driveway I failed, I fell knees first. I got back up and walked to the library. I actually got there a few minutes early so I went to the back of the library and sat down since they were still settling up the rummage sale room. After a few minutes I went in and looked through what they had and bought three things. I am planning to go back tomorrow since there might be more things that they unpacked once I left. Once I got back home I checked my knees because they where still throbbing and I ended up getting a scratch on my right knee, my left knee was just red (probably a bruise by tomorrow). I filmed a haul which I might upload tomorrow after going back and probably buying more books. Then I watched a few YouTube videos and ate pozole (great for rainy days). Once my brother came home I went over to his house and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) on Netflix which I loved. 
Fun fact: I grew up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (on VHS) which was my favorite and first ever Ninja Turtles movie. One of my professors in college was actually the voice of Donatello in the cartoon series (how cool is that!?!).
Anyways, tomorrow I'm eating pizza because I am now craving it. I mean if a group of mutant ninja turtles don't make you crave pizza then I don't know what will. lol 
Then I just came back home and made my sister and I some hot cocoa (mine was mint hot cocoa), and ate some cinnamon cookies. 
And it was a great day, tumble and all.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 11)

Not much to report today. I watched three movies today and just relaxed. I'm in the mood to decorate and DIY a bunch of things and watch movies and drink hot chocolate and do Christmasy stuff, but I don't know where to start. I wanted to looked through different images of things that would be fun to do, as inspiration, but my internet connection is slow. So here is where you come in, give me a list of things to do, movies to watch, books to read, things you do before Christmas. Leave it in the comments section or tweet me @friendlvr and I'll try to do some of those things and share how it went on my blog here as soon as I do anything you let me now about. 
Tomorrow I'm going to a rummage sale at my local library and I'll write about that tomorrow, but for now here's a funny picture I found a few days ago.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 10): A Quest

Today was a long tedious day. Yesterday my dad's brand new TV+DVD combo stopped working so we tried to fix it. The DVD player didn't want to load the disks and instead spit them back out. This morning I researched any ways of fixing the problem and found out that many other people who bought this brand of televisions had the same issue and it cost much more to repair it than to actually buy the TV. We bought it for our house in Mexico so we didn't want to buy another one and then have it happen again in Mexico because we wouldn't be able to bring it back and replace it since it's too much of a hassle to travel with. 
So, we took it back to Best Buy and got our money back. We then went to Walmart, Kmart, and a Target to look for a similar type of TV+DVD player combo. We found one at Kmart that had a Sale sign on it for $139.99 which was fine since it had both things and it was RCA and 24" which is a bit bigger than the one we just returned. Once we went to check out we were told that it wasn't on sale and we had to wait for a price check and for them to figure out why it was marked as if it was on sale. We ended up leaving and coming back home. My dad decided to wait until Saturday when the weekly store sale catalogs come to see if anything we like gets placed on sale. 
We were walking around so much which I don't mind, but I was wearing my brand new shoes in order to break them in (thinking I would be home all day) and my feet hurt so bad that I had to take them off right when we got home. We also had to go to church this evening so I decided to wear my jeggings and a new shirt. Here is today's outfit (I changed into my old converse afterwards)...
Hopefully tomorrow is more relaxing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 9): Christmas Shopping

We finally went shopping today instead of staying home all day. We first headed to JCPenny where we bought my eldest brother's gifts since he's tall and that's the only place nearby with a big & tall section. We then headed to Walmart to buy my sister a few sweaters and essentials, we also went back to Avenue to buy her two more pair of leggings. Once we got their things my dad took me to buy a pair of shoes, so since Payless was nearby and is having their Christmas sale (50% off most shoes) I decided to go there. I was hoping to get a nice pair of boots I saw a few weeks ago and where close to $50, but they didn't have my size (in any store nearby). I finally got a pair of sneakers that would be quick to slip on. They were reduced to $19.99 which is great for a simple pair of sneakers.
We got home sometime after 12pm so I had lunch before going out again. I had a few small errands to run like go to the post office and then buy some food for my parents. I had something small since I knew I was going to have dinner soon.
I didn't like this particular flavor of Naked juice, so I only drank a bit and then gave it to my mom who actually enjoyed it. After going to run my errands, I layed down for a bit because I started to get a head ache. 
Now I'm just with my brother about to play a bit before 8pm when our shows come on.

Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 8): OOTD & Gift Pics.

Today's post is going to be all the pictures I promised yesterday. Today I just cleaned my room and watched videos all day instead of going shopping. We are waiting on a delivery so until it gets here we might not be going out. 
First gift I want to share are my leggings which where buy one get the second 50% off. The regular price of these are $34.
Next are the socks I got, they were two packs for $5. Each pack has four pairs of socks.
After the market yesterday we also went to the 99 cents only store where I got this pack of 6 socks for just $1.99. Such a low price for a bigger amount of socks in a pack with a huge array of designs. 
Another piece of clothing I got yesterday was a $300 trench coat for just $12!!! 
The inside has a fox fur vest that can be removed (via zipper) for those days when it's not that cold.
While watching Home Alone 2 last night we got to use the portable speaker since the audio on the computer was a bit low. It cost $5.
The last two things are the Christmas presents from my sister that I am in love with.
Since I'm always in my room I thought I should "invest" in a duvet for my bed (I'm always in bed). 



I love them, the material is super soft and the decorative pillows are just as comfy to rest my head on as my normal pillows. I'm seriously on Cloud 9!

My last gift is my, "I'm a grown up now" gift. I wanted a simple structured purse that I could wear anywhere and with any outfit. 
This is an Anne Klein purse, the type/style name is the Jazzy Geo in Black MM. It's regular price was $85, but I got it for $39.99.

Before I go here is my outfit of the day where I wore my new leggings, a new shirt, new socks (old converse), and my new purse.
Since my eyes/temple was starting to hurt I let my hair air dry and then put it up in a loose bun. I also wore my prescription glasses because I haven't been wearing them for a few days.
Anyways, I'm all set I got more than I wanted this Christmas. The only thing I was hoping for was the comforter and I got it. I'm so excited to just celebrate Christmas with the family now and go out and search for my siblings gifts.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 7): Walking Walking Walking

Since I'm out of school, my parents are taking advantage of having me home in order to go shopping for gifts. And are taking advantage of the weekends by going to swapmeets (we only have next weekend left). Today I woke up early in order to go to a swapmeet with my parents and we got a lot of things. I got socks and a trench coat (my parents also want to get me new sneakers because I'm always wearing my very ripped converse). We got back home about 2 hrs later. We then did the usual weekly grocery shopping.
Once we got back home from the market my sister and I went to a bunch of different stores in search for more gifts and some pants she wanted. We went to target (I got a portable speaker from the dollar spot at the entrance). She didn't find the pants so we went to Ross for presents, my presents were a comforter and a purse and we bought my parents a blanket. Then we went to JCPenny found nothing so finally we went to Avenue my sister bought her leggings, we found an outfit for my mom, and I got leggings since they were buy one get one 50% off.
We finally got home and ate lunch/dinner. Since my nephews were still here I went over to my brother's house to watch funny videos with them and my sister (their mom). They left around 5pm because they have school tomorrow and still have things to do before then. I came back to my room and my sister and I watched Home Alone 2. We finished just in time to start watching Once Upon a Time. Once it ends I'm probably just going to watch YouTube videos and rest.
I'll post pictures and prices of what I got tomorrow since the lighting is really bad right now. Get excited!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 6): Christmas Lounging

Quick Post since I accidentally waited to write this at 10:22pm. I just finished watching Home Alone with my sister so that's why I didn't post earlier. Today was the usual Saturday, I helped at church all morning then went to get lunch around 1pm and at 6pm we went to church. My nephews are here for the weekend so I hung out with them a bit. Today I wore one of my Christmas shirts and I just wanted to share the outfit.
My nephew took the first one and a bunch of other blurry ones and I realized that my iPad has a countdown setting on the camera so I used that for the second picture. 
I'll post more tomorrow, until then.

Friday, December 5, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 5): The Parental Gifts

Today was a simple day where my parents and I went to the store and bought clothes. In other words I got my Christmas presents. I only asked for shirts this year because I don't have as many comfortable shirts as I'd like. I just wanted basic shirts that I know I would wear. If you were here last year I posted the clothes I got for Christmas from my parents and one of the tops was a baseball style shirt with skulls on it (the skulls faded after the first wash); it is one of my favorite shirts in my closet and I wear it often, in fact I'm wearing it today unfortunately it now has two small holes in it, so I decided to get a few more shirts like it since I know I'll actually wear them. 
Here is what I'm wearing today and how the shirt (and similar shirts) look on...
Sorry for the bad picture (and funny face), but I had to stand on my bed to take a full body picture since it's dark outside and I didn't want to alarm my neighbors. Anyways that's how the shirts might look I will try to take a picture of them on once I actually wear them.
Here are the five shirts I bought...
Can you see a pattern? My favorite colors to wear are gray, black, and white. I have a pair of maroon sneakers so I decided to buy a few shirts that could finally match them. Here are the shirts similar to the one I love to wear...
And then I bought two basic shirts that I know I will wear all the time as well...
This last shirt is a thermal type shirt which I haven't had in a while and have actually wanted for a while since they are so comfy especially during this time of year when it rains. Here is a close up of the shirt...
It's not thick enough to make me feel hot right away, but I don't like thick material anyways. It's the perfect shirt to lounge around in if you have a cold house like me.

I love simple clothing since I actually wear them out especially if they are comfy. That's my style: simple & comfy. What's your style like?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Blogmas: Freedom (Day 4)

Today was my last day as an undergraduate! Possibly my last day ever in school. So to celebrate I made a little video which for some reason I can't upload so I'll try to link it here...
I actually had a good experience in college, but I'm just glad to have finished. Now I can start the next chapter in my life which hopefully includes a career and a license (I'm the last one in my house who needs to learn how to drive). I'm going to start looking for a job next year just because I'm going to Mexico in two weeks so there's no point in starting something now. So this is going to be a break in between. 
I know I wrote a similar post yesterday, but I'm just excited about ending my schooling (for now). Tomorrow I will continue with blogmas with hopefully a fun post that doesn't contain school talk. 
See you then!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Blogmas: Ending (Day 3)

I'm about to sit down and watch my Wednesday shows so I'll try to make this a quick one. I didn't really do anything today except watch a movie and two TV shows I missed yesterday. I got out of school after 8pm since it was our last day in that class meaning no final. So that class was basically a waste of time with hopefully a guaranteed A. I say that because he never collected any work from us so there is no way my professor will be able to grade us on anything other than our attendance. So since I had "perfect attendance" that means A, right?
So tomorrow is my last day of school EVER (for me)! So excited and nervous because now I have to go out and look for a job/career for the first time in my life. Hopefully, I find something and it leads me to doing something I love and do for the rest of my life...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Blogmas: Rainy School Day

I woke up to a rainy day which meant layers 
I'm wearing a long sleeve gray shirt, a long purple Mossimo sweater, and my "anorak" jacket on top, as well as a homemade scarf.

I usually wear my black leggings to school because I'm here all day and I want to be comfortable and of course my old ripped up converse (for the same reason I wear my leggings). I'm all about comfort.
I have a long break between classes so I went out into the rain for a bit to look for a place to edit a video, but all the labs were closed so I decided to wait for the actual lab I was going to use which opened at 2:15pm. So for an entire hour I got to sit down and watch YouTube videos which is so fun since almost everyone that I am subscribed to is doing vlogmas, which makes me even more excited for Christmas. Once it turned 2pm I trekked up the hill that is next to the campus and has the building for my major, my anorak is great for the rain I only got a little wet. 
I was the first one in the lab which looks a little something like this...
I finally finished editing at 5pm and am currently writing this blog post while I wait for it to turn 6:10pm which is when my class starts (luckily I don't have to go anywhere because my class is in this exact room). Hopefully, I get out early today because I watch two things on Tuesdays, The Flash and Supernatural. Usually my professor lets us out at around 8pm even though the class is actually supposed to end at 10pm. This is the last week before finals so I don't know if he'll let us out at the usual time.

Anyways that's all I did today, yesterday was my day off from school so I went to the library and bought two books which I will do a video on my YouTube channel sometime next weekend. It'll be my December Book Haul, there is going to be a rummage sale at my local library next Friday so I'm holding off until then.
Tomorrow is also my day off and I plan on resting since it will also be raining tomorrow as well as studying for a quiz I have this Thursday (hopefully my last day of school). I say hopefully because the class I am waiting for might meet next Tuesday for the final, but I'm not really sure because the professor hasn't confirmed anything.

Anyways this is getting long so I will see you all again tomorrow for Day 3 of Blogmas.

Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Blogmas: DSi Lite

Welcome all to this year's blogmas!

This weekend was Black Friday weekend meaning lots of "deals" and lots of crowds. As usual my family and I didn't plan on leaving the house except for the usual meals, groceries, and church. My brother on the other hand decided to go to GameStop since he recently bought himself a refurbished DSi XL and he was going to use a "coupon" he has to buy two games and get one free. Once we entered the *shocker* abandoned GameStop and got handed the weekly specials we realized that for the entire Black Friday Weekend they would have a buy two get one free game deal. So of course my brother saved the coupon he already has and doesn't expire until the end of January 2015 and bought 3 games. Once we got home we looked through the rest of the specials and saw that the DSi Lite (one of the first ever DSi systems) was on special as well and if we bought one we would get a free case which also came with 3 extra stylists, 3 cases which are used to store games, a car charger, earphones, and screen protectors. My brother wanted me to have a DSi as well because he wants me to go over to his house more often in order to have "game nights" or game days on weekends. Also, when my nephews come over I'm sort of the odd one out since they all have a DSi. They like to connect all their DSi together and compete against each other which I could only do if I borrowed my sister's DSi. 
If you didn't figure it out by now, then YES my brother did buy me a DSi Lite this past Saturday. And YES we are guilty of having gone to four nearby GameStops and buying 3 games at each one. My brother is technically just sharing all the games he bought, but I'm fine with that since the only games I actually want to play all have two or more files in which we can each save our game. 
So without further a dew here is my DSi Lite... (I only had a few color options so I chose red on black)....

This of course is my first Christmas present this year and if you are new to my blog then you should know that my family does things a bit differently. We aren't home during Christmas so we usually go out and buy presents and use them right away. We used to be "traditional" and wrap them and place them under a tree and open them Cristmas Day, but a little more than 6 years ago we started traveling to Mexico during Christmas in order to spend time with the rest of our family and started our current Christmas tradition. 

Let me know in the comments:
What is on your Christmas wish list? What are your Christmas traditions like? And/or what are some good DSi games?

Friday, November 28, 2014

Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Blogmas

I though I would share what I did these past two holidays and what I will be doing leading up to Christmas. 

I actually vlogged during the entire week of Halloween (which you can watch on my YouTube channel: COWmabelVACA), but here are three costumes I did just for fun.

A Doll
My sister came over with her makeup kit and a bunch of contact lenses. I got to use a pair of blue contacts and I loved how they made my eyes look. My natural eye color mixed with the blue which made them look like a green hazel shade. 
We then decided to mess around with the makeup and here is what happened...

Emily (The Corpse Bride)

During that same week I decided to watch a few Tim Burton films, which led me to my recreation of The Corpse Bride using regular makeup.
I didn't go all out and do her eyes because I just wanted to see if the blue would work and if I would have enough. I didn't dress like her for Halloween since I don't have a wedding dress lying around or a white dress for that matter.

For the actual day of Halloween I decided to go for a Harry Potter character since I will finish the entire series for the first time this year. So I went with...
Bellatrix Lestrange

I even did her tattoos, and later realized that I had drawn one on backwards (thanks mirrors).

To see the full video of my Halloween Week go over to my YouTube channel where I vlogged it along with a few other weekly vlogs. 

The day before Thanksgiving my sister and I went to more than five stores in order to buy the ingredients for our meal. We don't have a working oven so instead of making an entire turkey we decided to make turkey legs. I took on the task of grilling them which took a long time because I had to keep turning them every 8 minutes and adding the BBQ sauce. In the end they were so good, yet so big that one leg was way more than enough for each person. I didn't even finish mine.
The meal was so good and I was so hungry by that time that I forgot to take a picture of my plate. Other than turkey legs my sister made a Crockpot Ham, Potato Broccoli Casserole, Stuffing, and Pie. This week was so fun especially because my nephews slept over almost all week since they didn't have to go to school. 

We played board games, we played pretend, we played with their DSi and my brother's Playstation 3 and we just had loads of fun. We also played Heads Up last night with my older siblings which was just hilarious. 

Last year I did Blogmas here instead of Vlogmas on YouTube and I decided to do it again since I had so much fun last year and I haven't had a good opportunity to write on my blog for such a long time until now. I won't be able to blog up until Christmas Day just like last year because we will be going to Mexico yet again, but I will be blogging everyday up until the day we leave. I will let you know what day that is once it's confirmed, but for now I'm excited to do it come Monday. 

See you for Blogmas Day 1!