Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good Comments

Sometimes doing something creative or relaxing is hard to do when there is so much to do or a lot of things on my mind so, last week I was inspired to do my nails. After sitting down and painting my nails I had to do some chores and then this happened...

Yup, the nail polish rubbed off of my ring finger, the two fingers next to it messed up slightly, but I fixed those easily. So, I have been walking around for a whole week with one finger that needs new polish. 

Even though the one nail isn't what I want, while out buying groceries and other tidbits I stopped at a Juice It Up and the cashier said she liked my nails. And sometimes small comments like that make my day and others' day a little better. 
Letting people know that something is appreciated, beautiful, nice, etc., is something I do often and enjoy when I receive similar comments. So, sometime this week, month, year, lifetime, whenever possible just let a stranger or a loved one know how much you enjoy or love something they have or are doing (who knows you can brighten up someone's day with such a small comment that takes little time to say).

Hope everyone is doing well,

Monday, November 18, 2013

Organizational Deco.

I have currently been in a decorative mood, maybe it's the season, maybe it's just fun, or the most probable reason is because it's my form of procrastination. This weekend I cleaned out the bottom of my closet along with a space I have that I keep my things on, so I decided to share some (bad quality) pictures of what it all looks like now.
I first tackled my closet, which had a bunch of clothes and baskets scattered all over the place, it is all now neatly stacked. The baskets are gone and the clothes are pilled on top of my scarf/hat box, I am sharing my side of the closet with my sister so I need to figure out how to hang my leftover clothes in there. 
Above is my little spot that is now nice and neat. I placed some of my makeup in those little stackable containers which I got at my local 99 cents only store, but I have seen them in all different kinds of discount stores. Some brushes and new makeup items are in the big cookie tin box for now and the black bag next to that has lip products and random makeup that I haven't found a nice place for just yet.

I don't have my own room or a huge space that I can place all my things on, but if I did I feel like I would definitely decorate the s*** out of my room. So, even though there are no cute decorations in my room or anywhere in this  post I hope you enjoyed. I would love to read blogs that deal with cute organization and/or decoration so let me know of any blogs that you know of or actually write yourself. 
Bye for now,