Friday, June 8, 2012

Shampoo Review & Calendar Idea

I wanted to take a while before reviewing the product, but I at least wanted to talk about it so here goes...
The shampoo is watery so at times it takes more than a pea sized amount to cover all of my hair. The color of the shampoo is pink, the way a grapefruit looks like from the inside AND it smells like grapefruit.
I think it is making my hair grow because it does feel longer, but I never measured it so I can't really be sure. I have been alternating my horse shampoo with a regular shampoo so as not to damage my hair.
It is pretty hard to remember when I used what shampoo so I have started a planner where I write what shampoo I used each day and in that small planner I am going to write what outfit I wore each day so as not to wear the same thing twice at least until I use everything in my closet. I just thought of the idea yesterday and I would love to share a picture, but the camera isn't charged and I have no idea where the charger is, since it isn't my camera. Let me give you a visual it is a pocket sized planner, with enough space to write things in on each day, and it is already pretty colorful because I use colorful pens. I have a calendar on my closet door and I don't know why I don't use it, but it's this one...
I need to think of how to use it because it's separated to add more than one person on it and the squares in each day are pretty small. If any ideas come to mind, let me know.