Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It's been a really long day, I hung out with my nephews for a few minutes this morning and then went to work. I didn't get to watch a movie today so instead I wanted to share the video that made me want to start Blogoween, it's short and very good...

I also wanted to share a few movie trailers. These are movies that I plan to watch once Blogoween ends since some of theses don't come out until after.

Crimson Peak


The boy


There are more, but these are some movies that can be seen during this time of year and considered Halloween movies. 

I might end up writing Halloween related posts this weekend and the following two since I work weekends and I can't really watch movies those days. I hope that's okay with you guys, until tomorrow...

Trick 'r Treat

Last night I watched a movie named "trick 'r treat" and it was awesome, but it left so many questions unanswered (I want more from this world). It seems as if there are a bunch of comics that this film came from so I might look into that. If I find a sequel or a series of this film I will definitely watch them. And I will be looking into more films by Michael Dougherty.

~~>Actually I found the DC book that came from this film and according to IMDB there will be a sequel. The director/writer of this film made a short animated film that this movie derived from and I actually found it on YouTube...
I loved the character seen in the short and in the actual movie. I love well thought out characters and although we didn't get the backstory to "Sam" there are many points in the movie where you feel like you understand where he came from.
I love characters like Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Chucky... the classics! This character would be a great character for a series of movies similar to the Crypt Keeper (which this movie had a similarity to).
This is one of those movies that I would come back and watch every year as a Halloween tradition. This film has a lot of deaths so if you don't like those kind of films (which I will post a lot of because Halloween) then just know that going into this. 

So, tomorrow I officially begin this year's Blogoween Movie Marathon and I just wanted to say that there will be a mix of Halloween movies, children/family and horror. I might watch movies in Spanish if I find any good ones, but at the moment I haven't found any. I know what films I plan to watch the next two days, but that might change because of work so I won't say what movies I plan on watching on what days (i.e. a calendar) until Sunday/Monday. I plan to make a weekly type calendar each week of what movie I plan to watch on what day, just to have a scheduled plan and something to look forward to. 

I want to say more, but have no idea what I want to say, as seen above :/ so I'll stop here.

🎃 mabel

Monday, September 21, 2015


I've been MIA for a while now and if you read my blog then you know that I started working. Well, I've been working on again off again and am looking for another job at the moment. The main reason why I am coming back is because Halloween is just around the corner and I wanted to start blogging again so why not combine both Halloween and my blog.

I wasn't sure if I would do the same thing I did these past two years during Christmas, but I was sure I wanted to do something. And then I decided that since I am still working and want down time when I am home I would do a daily movie. In other words I would do a countdown to Halloween here on my blog, but in a way were we could interact together. So everyday I want to watch one horror movie or Halloween type film and post about it here on my blog so that each day anyone can watch it along with me.

I graduated from college having watched a few films because of my major, but I haven't seen EVERYTHING and I really want to do that when it comes to this genre. For example today I watched a movie I had heard about in different parts of the internet and had gotten curious about. I had no idea what it was about other than a "trailer" I found on YouTube. The movie wasn't exactly for me, but at least now I know that it isn't a movie I will see again and at least now I understand the references to the film.

What I plan to do is pick a movie that is either new to me or one I already enjoy and watch it. One movie each day leading up to Halloween. I plan to let all of my readers here know about my pick of the day so that we can watch it that same day and possibly live tweet about it with a hashtag or something. (help me come up with a hashtag) Possibly #mabelsmovie or #blogoweenmovie or something shorter than those. I might not watch a movie every single day until Halloween, but I really want to and if I'm not busy I will. I would also appreciate it if you left a comment with any movie recommendations on this post and I'll check back in order to choose a few for future Blogoweens. Should that be a thing #blogoween, it's probably been done.

Let me start with the movie I watched today. Here is the trailer I mentioned...
I had seen pictures and read fun facts about this movie, but had no idea what it was about other than the magic part which you can see in the trailer. So I decided to watch it and since it is a Disney original movie I had a feeling it was going to be cheesy, but it wasn't just cheesy it was annoying. The main girl in particular and the story line was just bad. Who knows I might have to look into the sequel; it might be better than the first one, although that rarely happens. Oh sorry I'm talking about a movie I haven't yet introduced, this movie is called Halloweentown and it seems like the title of this movie is the only awesome part.

Anyways I'll try not to spoil any of the movies I watch because I hate when that happens, but I will try and give you my thoughts afterwards. It might be hard to get a hold of these movies at times, but with the internet you can find loads of places to rent them if you want to participate with me. Also, try going to your local library and finding copies there although it might be hard to watch along with me if you do that. Anyways I just wanted to start doing something fun on my blog especially since I am so excited for Halloween, am I the only one? I'm always excited about things months before I should be. For the first few posts I'll try to watch the movies before writing a blog post in order to give you guys an idea of what will happen in October. I might not start doing this daily until then, but I might be making a calendar with movies on each day in order to let you know ahead of time. I hope this is a fun idea and you come back and check for what movie I plan to watch.