Monday, January 28, 2013

It gets better?

I am going to stop writing daily.
I started posting on blogs (this one) because I wanted my opinion to be heard and that isn't happening.
There are days were I know I have no future in this world, and that I am just waiting to die. Today is one of those days and I rather not share my negativity and so I am only going to write when I have something to say that is neutral or whatever.
I just want to delete every social media site I am connected to and be alone, but that doesn't happen. I want to be in a comfy home all alone, and I actually want to do nothing, hear no one, and just rest.
I wish I had nothing to do and no one who would judge me.
I know I am depressed and crying doesn't help, but I have nothing else.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick Post

There will be days like today were I have nothing to say, but I will still post. It might be the shortest post and it might be random, but I don't want to repeat life stories or routines on here.
Sometimes I will update on other sites more than this one such as my Keek site, so if you are interested you can follow me @friendlvr. I just started uploading videos, but it's like my new toy, either I will get bored and stop using it or it will somehow break. Either way, I will update everyone with whatever website I am using the most and maybe get someone other than myself hooked on it.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shower Problems

So I just got out of the shower or bath, I don't know, and the shower wasn't working. I basically had to leave the water running and use a sort of Tupperware to wet myself.
It was fine, but the real problem is that tomorrow everyone is going to blame me for whatever is wrong with the shower. It has happened before, something messes up in the shower and I get blamed because I'm the last one to use it (I'm the only one who showers at night, when everyone is asleep). It always gets "fixed" so it's not much of a problem, but it's not fun to deal with.
Anyways after doing the usual Saturday routine my brother and I spent the rest of our afternoon watching a marathon of "Being Human" (the US version) and I love it. The two main male leads are handsome in this version. I have a thing for Sam's (Aidan) smile. I guess he's my new TV crush. Lol
The dorkiest fan,
Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, but I didn't do much. I just watched Youtube videos and figured out how much time I would have to set out in order to watch the homework assignments I have.
I remembered about not posting once I was already in bed so to make up for it I will post twice.
For now let me show you what my dog has been doing....

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Video Packed!

So today I didn't really go out. I stayed home and planned on watching Frankenstein (1994), but Netflix didn't have it online. Instead of watching that I watched the first Frankenstein (1910) and am probably going to use both films for a paper this quarter. So procrastinating sometimes pays off, and great ideas come to you.
Anyways, I watched "Trip to the Moon" which was a homework assignment, yippee for doing a hw assignment. The short watch made me love "Hugo" more than I already did (both the book and the movie).
Then, I spent the rest of the day watching YouTube videos and catching up on shows I missed.
I plan on watching the rest of my assigned homework assignments tomorrow and if time permits more Youtube videos.
Time to go back to sleep. What do you do in order to fall asleep? I just think about things I have to do or make up little stories, unless I'm really tired then I just knock out. When I go to Mexico (where I have my own room) I also listen to music for a while.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bad Day

Yesterday, I posted my OOTD and went to school. What I just noticed is that it never got published so I just submitted it again. Sorry for that late post.
Anyways, it seems like yesterday was just not my day. As I said, yesterday I posted right before heading to school around 6pm. I got dropped off at school, and headed to class. Once I got to the door I saw that class was cancelled, and my professor hadn't sent us an email which would have been a nice heads up. I tried calling my sister who had just dropped me off, but my iPod had no wifi. So by the time I got wifi I figured my sister was already home. I ended up waiting 3 hours for my brother to get out of his class so as to not make my sister drive to our school twice.
All in all yesterday was not a productive day. On the bright side I felt great with my straight hair, new shoes, comfy clothes, and beautiful makeup.
I felt great just because I loved what I was wearing, it was soooo me! If you follow Kandee Johnson she always dresses exactly how she wants to and that is why she is my inspiration (especially on those days when you feel so bad you rather sink into the ground).
There is always a bright side,

Firsts (OOTD)

My sister bought a new hair straightener yesterday and I tried it out on her yesterday afternoon. It was amazingly fast and worked great. Today I used it on my hair and I was blown away since my hair is tough to manage. I hadn't straightened my hair in a very long time. I've never seen my hair straight with this haircut, until now. Here is what I wore today and what my hair looked like...

Monday, January 21, 2013


I have converse that I got at a thrift store for $4, they are a men's size 7 and pinch my pinkie if I walk in them for a long time. I bought them a long time ago and I still have them, but don't wear them that much because they hurt my pinkie and because I end up mismatching with them. Either way I love them, I love Converse even though every pair I've bought before have been fake (Airwalk or an unknown fake brand). 

The first pair of  real Converse I ever got (thrifted).

Today I finally walked into a Converse store to buy a new pair of shoes since the shoes I am currently wearing have a lot of holes and my family got tired of seeing me in them. My sister got a beautiful pair of high tops as well since there was a buy one get the other half off sale. I got low tops since I already have a pair of high tops, I got the natural black and white pair. I can finally wear comfy converse and match with anything I wear. 
The pair I am exited to wear.

The amazing pair my sister got for less than $15.

Going to rock my shoes until they fall apart,

Sunday, January 20, 2013


For some weird reason I hate Sundays, I'm usually ticked off by any little thing on Sundays.
Today was exactly that, a very mad, depressed, unable to talk, me. Maybe it's because I got woken up early to attend mass in the church that I hate with a passion. I would rather attend mass in the church I have attended since I was a child (and volunteer at), or the church in my parent's home town, but not this church.
After a day of grocery shopping and hating everything, my two childhood friends came to visit. Once they left I came back to my room and watched (I bet you can already guess) "Once Upon a Time". We need 5 more episodes to catch up, make that 6 since we couldn't watch tonight's episode before watching the other 5.
Tomorrow will be a better day,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Picture my Day

Today went by so fast, doing small tasks. On Saturdays I volunteer as a teacher and teacher's aid at my local church. I didn't get home until a little after 11am.
Afterwards, my sister and I took our dog to the vet. We had to leave him there and pick him up after 2 hours, which was hard because we had never left him alone in the hands of a stranger before today. We went home and ate breakfast (brunch since it was already after 12).
Saturdays are usually the days when we go out to eat fast food and so before calling the vet to see if our dog was ready, I asked my family members what they wanted me to bring them to eat. The veterinarian's office said we could pick up our dog and so we left our house to get him and our food.
While buying food at a local market place I went to a fantasy jewelry vendor and bought two packs of cute earrings ($1 each pack).
Our second to last stop before heading back home was a donut shop, for dessert. When we got home I passed out the food, then I sat down and ate my own meal.
While eating my sister and I watched "Once Upon a Time" and we have been watching them until a few minutes ago. Although, we stopped at times so that it could load, during that time I gave my dog his medicine, downloaded some apps to get organized with schoolwork and lesson planning, and I checked my students' work.
I didn't clean my closet today, but there's always tomorrow or the day after that or the day after

Friday, January 18, 2013

Nice & Neat

Today was day 2 of cleaning/organizing my room. I reorganized a cabinet I have in my room and placed everything in a container, basically organizing things by a specific category. I also placed some things under my bed in their own containers and organized what was in each container by categories. Everything looks nice and neat now and I love it.
Tomorrow I'm planning to clean my closet, I am planning on sharing a before and after picture, so brace yourselves for that. If I finish that I will try to start some homework, but I doubt it will happen because weekends are usually spent out doing random tasks. Also, my sister and I want to catch up on Once Upon a Time before the new episode this weekend, I got her hooked during our recent trip to Mexico.
Have a great weekend everyone,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Interior Designer

I used to think I was creative, but lately I have been slacking off. I want to make my side of the room a bit nicer, it's just to bland and I want to change that. Today I decided to clean my room at least the space around my bed, and under. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning my side of the closet and a cabinet where I keep my things. I think this is step one of decorating and once everything is nice and neat I can see what I want to do with my space.
Also, in order for me to actually do homework I want to start posting what I did during the day so I could actually want to do homework and be productive.
Anyways, let me know what I can do to my part of the room to make it look extra ordinary. (:

This is what it looks like as of right now except I already removed the white and red paper you can see on the wall. So it's pretty bare.
Follow me on Instagram to see more pictures @friendlvr.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Study Time

This quarter I have a lot of time to do schoolwork and I want to use that time wisely. Today I have a long gap in between my classes so I am using it to read and hopefully catch up on my reading for this week (at least for one of my classes). This weekend I plan on doing the same since I have 5 days off because of the MLK holiday.
I am currently in a study room in my school below this post is the beautiful view I have. Just a few people in here (3) since class for some people is about to start, many who were here just left.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Usually when the year begins people start making up New Years resolutions, I am not that person. But it's a new year and with it comes change. The few resolutions or goals that I have come up with will be a small challenge because I procrastinate a lot.
- Post on my blog. Try posting everyday.
- Keep up with my reading (schoolwork).
- Do more creative (make beanies).

I think more things are going to come up later on, but for now I'll work on these three resolutions.

What are your New Years resolutions or goals?


Monday, January 14, 2013

Back at last

It has been too long. I just checked my blog to see when the last post was and it's been a very long time since I've updated. After the last post, I finished spring quarter and went to Mexico for vacation. Once I got back I started the fall quarter of school which started of rough because the weekend after my first day of school, my uncle passed away and a month after that my grandmother passed away. Once fall quarter ended my family and I went down to Mexico to spend time with our family. I got back a week and some days ago and am back in school for another quarter.
During Christmas break I received an iPod touch and have been overusing it. I finally downloaded the blogger app and will be updating more often. Let's hope I don't fall of the radar once again.
It has been pretty cold and the change of weather has made me sick so I am not wearing any exciting things, except for my animal hoodie which I have talked about before.
After wearing my animal hoodie to go out, I pulled all my hair up into a bun...