Thursday, September 29, 2016

Reading for Halloween

Hello Everyone!

I am back again to announce that this year instead of doing daily horror movies for the month of October I will be doing some form of read-a-thon almost every week of this month. The first one being in the first week of October and the three read-a-thons that follow will all be connected by one day. So while I am participating in one read-a-thon another read-a-thon will take place for only a day and also another read-a-thon will begin the day before the first one ends. Sounds complicated, it's not here is a list of read-a-thons I plan on participating in and the dates for them...

Fright Fall              October 3-9
Spookathon               October 17-23
BookBuddyathon               October 22-28          

So, as you can see three of the read-a-thons overlap.  In other words there will be an hourly post on October 22, a post for BookBuddy on October 21, and a wrap up for Spookathon on October 24 so I'll annoy you guys for a few days straight. We'll see how that goes and if I don't just end up making a very long post for two of the read-a-thons. 

Before my blog gets taken over by all these read-a-thon posts I thought I would share a few pictures of what I did today. I was in the mood to play around with my makeup and am already excited about Halloween so put two and two together and you get a random makeup look. I wanted to see which one was better an evil dead mermaid or a cute princess type mermaid. I was thinking pinks and purples and of course green and blue. Once I finished this look I realized that the "scales" should have been used on the opposite side. So with trial and error I realized that if I end up using this look I will use green glitter scales for the evil mermaid and the blue for the princess mermaid.

My lighting isn't good so you can't really see the glitter and the colors might be a bit off, but in person it looked pretty cool. I mean for a trial version it made me want to use glitter and pink eye shadow every single day of my life.  The glitter on the side of my face was actually blue even though you can't tell much on this picture and there is pink eye shadow on my eye along with purple glitter on top  of that and on the lower lashes, I finished the look by drawing on thick eyebrows and adding a black lip.

You can actually see the pink eye shadow on this side of my face and the colors are true to what they looked like, but once again you can't see all the glitter I had on (and still have on even after scrubbing everything off). This side was my favorite because of the pink lipstick, eye shadow, glitter, and pink cheeks. This just made me realize that I need to use my glitter for Halloween or as much as I can while I'm still in love with it. 

That's right if you couldn't tell by the second picture, I did half good and half evil of my face. This is how crazy I looked in the end. And once again the colors look faded and there isn't any glitter. My black lipstick is matte though which I accomplished by tapping black eye shadow on top of a black opaque lipstick while it was still sticky. The other side is a shiny pink color I loved to use a few years back and should have probably thrown away by now, but I don't think I would be able to find it anymore.

I had so much fun though just trying colors I wouldn't normally wear. I even feel like I am going to start tapping a bit of that glitter on the side of my eye next time I do my makeup just because it looked really pretty, maybe a muted skin tone color. Who knows if I'll actually walk outside wearing glitter though, we shall see.

Fright Fall 2016

The first read-a-thon that I will be participating in for October is Fright Fall which is a week long readathon where the only requirement is that you read one scary book.

There are many books that I want to read, but don't have with me because I am borrowing them from the library. Most of them have more than one person waiting to read them as well so, I might not even get them until after October. Here are the books I hope to get at some point this month and the number of people waiting for it as well.

I plan on reading the sequels to those as well, but won't request them until I have started or finished the first book.  I made a list of some books I do have and can read if the other books are not available to me by the time the readathon begins. These may change by the time it starts or during the read-a-thon, but you'll know if that happens once I post my wrap-up.

The first book on my list is the "scary" book. I bought it maybe last year, but haven't had a chance to read it. I don't know why, maybe because it does look like it's going to be pretty scary.
The fact that the word demon is highlighted in the title is creepy enough, but I am also writing this at night and looking at it makes it that much more scary. I have no idea what the book is about, but Pandemonium by Daryl Gregory is eye catching enough to be on this list.

The next book is an e-book I received a while ago and have been waiting for a good time to read it. The cover page alone reminds me of a book I read in high school named Go Ask Alice that I enjoyed so I had to get this book and see what it was all about.

Behind every mean girl... there's a tragedy by Hermione Daguin is a short read which is the best kind of book to pick up during a read-a-thon. It also looks as if I can read it at dark without getting scared about some scary monster.

This next book I picked out randomly for a past read-a-thon, I didn't get it until after the read-a-thon had already ended so I thought I would try to finish it during this read-a-thon. What better way to end summer than by reading a contemporary book like The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. I'm going in blind to all of these books so as the title suggests I have no idea what is going to happen in this book.
I only have these three...four books to read during this week because this last book on my list is pretty long so my time might be taken up by it. And like I already stated there might be books I end up switching or adding into the list. 

For example...
*** I just got Library of Souls so I will be reading that as well during this read-a-thon. I'm glad I got it in time to start off this read-a-thon with the book already in my possession. ***

Just like last time I will do a daily wrap up for this read-a-thon and post it the day after the read-a-thon ends. I hope you are as excited about this month's bookish posts as I am.