Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Horoscope

Two posts in one day, can you tell how much I miss writing on here.
So after that last post I found this weekly horoscope and it seemed to fit.
Thought I should share.
Bye bye for now (:

It's all Too Much

Hello everyone!
So, I just wanted to update my blog right now because I feel like writing and not think about all my schoolwork. 
I am currently in Spring quarter, which is my least favorite quarter since it feels like you haven't had a break in a very long time and there are no free days (holidays). To make matters worse I go to school every single weekday and the work is just pilling up.
I have two classes that also require I go to lab which means that I'm basically putting all my time and effort into those classes and it's really hard to want to go to school.
For one of those classes we have to film a scene from a sitcom and get professional actors. I held auditions yesterday and only 9 people came out of all the people I emailed/called. Four actors said they had to reschedule and so since I have time today I told them I could hold auditions for them today. The problem now is that they haven't answered me back so I might not even have auditions today which is a problem because none of the actors that I wanted to cast as my main lead came yesterday. My production day is next week and I wanted to get people by this Friday because I want to have rehearsals on Friday. So, I am just a sad panda, and I am just drained and feel like not doing anything because people don't even want to cooperate. 
Also, the other class that I have a lab for is starting to get hard because we need to interview people for a story and my group hasn't even met to talk about it. I also don't have a camera to use and so I tried getting one from my school, but they got a new system and so now I have to make a copy of my ID and fill out a form. My ID doesn't really work so I am having to deal with that. One of my teammates said she has a camera so I might end up using hers since she wants to come help me interview my sister. So, now I have to set up the interview and see where I am going to film it and then tell my teammate and then see who else we can interview and OMG I am just stressed out. I also have two other classes where I need to write briefs and then read my textbook so I have to make time for that. 
Plus, I teach on Saturday mornings so I have to do things for that and make lessons and then just take my time to go and teach. I just feel like I don't have any time for anything and I am feeling soooo lazy right now that I just feel like quitting and going to a remote location and just sitting there relaxing all day and night and doing nothing that I have to think hard about. 
Anyways, I'm sorry for this long rant, but once all of this is over I am going to be back here being the normal me. Let me know if you would like to hear more random rants because let me tell you I feel like this blog can turn into the best diary that I have never had. 
I'm off to do more work. 
*tear tear* mabel 

Friday, April 5, 2013

March Update!

1. What was the funniest thing that happened to you this month?
During my break I got to watch a lot of videos with my brother some of which were on YouTube. Recently the Harlem Shake has been blowing up on the internet and my brother showed me one of the best Harlem Shake videos I have ever seen. I laughed so hard and wanted to watch it over and over again so without further a due here is the funniest thing I saw this month...

2. What books did you read?
This month I didn't get to read any books because I was focusing on my school work. I do have books that I want to read so, I hope I can do that very soon.

3. Favorite movies/shows that you watched?
I started watching Stranded on SyFy with my sister and I love it, I basically love anything on the SyFy channel.

4. Something that made you proud of yourself?
I teach a catechism class and my parish was going to do an egg hunt for the students the Saturday before Palm Sunday since we didn't have class the day before Easter (Spring Break) and I made over 40 candy bags for the students in my sister and my class. 

5. What video games did you play?
I still played Plants v. Zombies because I haven't unlocked all the mini games and I want to buy everything in Crazy Dave's shop because of the trophies, this is a game that I'm gonna be playing in my spare time no matter what. During the last few days of Spring Break I started playing Words with Friends with my sister and brother nonstop, I had to stop this week since I'm back in school. 

6. Did you travel anywhere?
This month I didn't travel as most Spring Breakers do.

7. What food did you try and really love?
In the beginning of the month I tried the Earth's Best Organic Letter of the day Cookies in Oatmeal Cinnamon and Very Vanilla. They were delicious and they were only $1. I tried a bunch of new candy, but I forgot what they were, but I loved them I think they were some sort of sour candy most probable jelly beans.

8. Favorite beauty/fashion products?
I am recently using two face washes and I plan on reviewing them sometime after I see how they are working for me. One of them is the Clean and Clear Morning Burst face wash which I use every morning. At night I use a Noxzema knock off, I have used the real one and they are exactly the same thing. I got the Noxzema knock off at the 99 cents only store, it is the Personal Care Deep Cleansing Skin Cream, I got a 12 oz. container for $1. Also, I bought a concealer while I was in Mexico during Christmas break, it is from the Bissu cosmetics line and I love it (I also have one of their powders) it is in the form of a lipstick, I use #6 in the color tan.

9. What did you learn this month?
This month I learned that procrastinating is bad and can hurt me if I let my procrastination get the best of me. I am now going to try and do everything I need to do for school ahead of time. Let's hope I can do it.