Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blogmas Day 18: Roadtrip

Hello everyone!
I am starting to get excited about going to Mexico, once we get to our house my vacation won't be as stressful as it is right now. I can get to my house and decorate my room with the two tiny Christmas trees I bought and see what other things I can do. The trip to our small town is stressful because you never know what will happen on the road, it's scary no matter how many times we drive down there. 
Today I checked my school account just in case our grades were posted and I ended up passing all my classes which just made me a little less stressed. I still feel like I have a lot more to do before leaving tomorrow, but that's just because I need to remember to pack my pjs, toothbrush, and deodorant tomorrow morning after using them. I also want to take a small bag with me with a few magazines, books, and my iPod and its  earphones/charger which I feel that I might forget or loose which just scares me.
I also want to download loads of music including Christmas music because I won't have wifi while I'm over there, but time just flew by and I don't know if I can find the music I want by tomorrow. I also wanted to download a few offline games, but I can't find anything that interests me.
I hope everything turns out good and we go and come back safely. I also wanted to write and let everyone know that today is the last Blogmas of 2013 and I wanted to use this moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blogmas Day 17: The Vet

I had a feeling that today would be a long day because we had to take my dog to the vet. Behold not only did it feel long it was also stressful. My dog is a bit more than 13 years old so it's completely normal to have to go to the vet multiple times a year. Well, he has a bad heart so there are many complications which he needs medicine for. We had to get a permit in order to take him out of the country which means getting vaccinations, because of his heart he gets bloated and he has to get drained of liquids that build up in his abdomen, legs, and at times his face. Today we took him in because his awesome vet advised us to get him drained (tapped) before leaving in order for him to be comfortable during the trip, unfortunately she wasn't the vet on call today so he got everything done by another vet who I don't really care for because he isn't as careful with my dog and takes a long time doing procedures. Usually it would take 15 minutes or less to get tapped, with this vet we had to leave our dog at the vets for an hour in order to let them work on him. Not only did they not call us to pick him up an hour later, but they also went on their two hour lunch break meaning our dog was stuck in a cage for more than four hours before we got to take him home. And the vet wanted to speak to me to let me know that my dog will die soon, which we already know can happen any day now because of his condition, but my dog has been "ready to die" this whole year so the fact that this vet was acting as if my dog had to be put down made me mad. Our regular vet knows my dog already and she knows that he is sick, but isn't sick enough to be put down because he is a fighter ( in fact he is known as the grumpy one). After having to listen to the vet's comments about my dog, I came home and boy was my dog mad at me. He didn't let me touch him for hours, I felt so bad. I wish I could have been with him the entire time he was at the vets, he was probably scared and sad and hungry. This was the third time I had to leave him at the vets office and although the first time was the hardest because I had never left him there by himself, this time was horrible because I didn't know why they were taking forever and I knew this vet was going to do something I wouldn't like (maybe even without consent). I was just afraid and praying my dog wasn't as stressed out as I was as I waited to pick him up, he probably felt very lonely.
I would write more but as you can tell I am to upset to write anything else. I only have one more day before we hit the road so I might stop doing Blogmas tomorrow because I still have a lot to do and might not be able to sit down and write some scheduled posts.
We shall see, 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Blogmas Day 16: Packing

During these last few days, I begin wearing clothes that I plan on leaving behind. Today I'm wearing an old ripped and stained shirt and a pair of comfy sweats...
I finished packing so I know what I can and cannot wear in these last two days. I still need to pack my makeup and then figure out what I'm going to take as entertainment while on the road. 
Today I went to a few stores with my dad to buy a few more Christmas presents for our family in Mexico. I watched a movie with my brother today. And once my sister got home from work I went to Target and Walmart for a few pieces of clothes she needed. She also bought me a nice pair of yoga pants that were $10 and a nice shirt that we found on the clearance rack that I plan on wearing on Christmas. At Walmart we got a duffle bag each for our clothes, I managed to get all my clothes in it and still had extra room.
I'm just hoping that I don't forget anything because that would suck. The Internet stopped working on my iPod this afternoon so I just got to watch YouTube videos, I still haven't caught up to all the videos I missed and am missing since finals week. So, I hope I can catch up before I leave because once I get back it will be worse.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blogmas Day 15: Buns of Steal

Today consisted of a lot of walking. We went to church early in the morning and then went to buy breakfast. After eating, my dad, sister, and I went to the swapmeet and it was packed. We walked so much and we had so many bags that we had to help each other out the entire time, by the time we were about to finish my sister decided to take the bags to the car while we finished looking. Once we got what we needed we headed home and rested for a bit. Then we went to the market to buy a few groceries since we won't be here all week, we also looked for clothes with my mom and bought her a few things. It was all the girls in Walmart, my mom, my two sisters, and I. Once we got out we went to buy Honey Boba and then headed to buy dinner, KFC. We dropped off my sister and my mom since my sister needed to pick up my nephews and go home to say goodbye to her mother-in-law before she went on vacation. My older sister and I went to put gas in the family car and then came back, unloaded the car and feed everyone. Once everyone ate my sister, mom, brother, and I headed to K-mart to look for pants for my mom, we didn't find any so we went to a nearby plus size boutique where we found 3 pairs for her. Then we headed to the 99 cents only store and bought a few more necessities and travel stuff. Then we went to another 99 to buy toilet paper. We finally came home and unloaded the car before resting. My sister and I just finished watching the mid-season finale of Once Upon a Time, it was good, but I can't believe it's gonna come back until March of next year, wtf?!? So now I'm going to play a few games or watch YouTube videos and then go take a shower later.
Hope your weekend was peaceful,

Friday, December 13, 2013

Blogmas: Friday the 13th & Saturday Shopping

My favorite number is 13 and it's also my favorite day especially if it turns out to be a Friday. When I'm on vacation I tend to forget what day it is so I didn't realize the date until the evening. Nothing bad tends to happen to me it's just another normal day. 
I recently got hooked on a game called Campus Life so I've been playing that. I bought four books at the library, but I'll show those later since I might go back.  
...and that is where I stopped writing yesterday before taking a shower and knocking out. As I am writing this I am also remembering that I forgot to eat my chocolate from today's little box of my advent calendar, boy is this vacation needed and taking a toll on memory. Well, I bet I jinxed myself yesterday by saying that nothing bad happens to me on any Friday the 13th, I messed up my daily blog streak. 
I'm just going to combine today's and yesterday's if you all don't mind. Today was a long day, but at the end it was worth all the time. First of we, meaning my sister and I, went to teach all morning. And like this past weekend we raced, not really, back home got our dog and took him to the vet, we then went to the bank and went back home. After eating a cup of noodles and some bread we went to buy food for everyone in the house including my nephews which meant an hour and a half out getting all the food. We got back home and ate lunch (dinner) and watched "Easy A", well the beginning of the film. Once my sister and I finished eating we went out to buy Christmas presents that she wanted to get everyone in the house. We started at the mall where we made our way to Hot Topic, we were looking for my Christmas present, footie pajamas, but alas all we found was a packed store and a cute array of Disney stuff among other things, like grumpy cat stuffed animals, amazing. We then decided to go to Walmart since we had seen some there and I found the perfect pair there were only two one size medium and an XL, I was disappointed because I wanted a 2XL, I mean the baggier the better right, but my sister convinced me to try them on so I did...
And I fell in love, even more that is, they are purple (my fav. color), they have pockets and a hoodie, and it has zipper rather than buttons. Plus, it feels like I'm being swaddled which feels nice on a cold night, yes I am wearing them as I write this.
We then bought some things for my two brothers and my dad, my sister also bought herself a few things and she bought me a few bras and an awesome backpack which I'll try to post once I start using it. Once we checked out, the line was actually small today (did I already use the word amazing today), we went to Ross to buy my dad t a few polo shirts and find something else for my brother, we found some blue converse for $13.99, score! We then went to buy my mom some hair dye since she wants me to do her hair before we leave, although she wants to wait until sometime this week in order to have nice hair the entire trip. We are going to take her Christmas shopping tomorrow since she is picky and it would be much easier. Anyways, once we got out from Sally's Beauty Supplies we went to Tutti Fruity. Once we got home we called in the unsuspecting victims and gave them their gifts, I think we all loved what we got. We finished watching "Easy A" while eating our frozen yogurt and then just laid down for a bit and watched "Get Him to the Greek". And that was it for today.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blogmas Day 12: Relax

I made it to the 12th day of Christmas!
 I didn't do much today, I just relaxed with my brother today. This weekend is going to be more relaxed because I won't be worried about school work, so although I'm going to be shopping most of the weekend and hanging out with my nephews before going on vacation I will be stress free. So, there will be a lot to do this weekend especially since it's the last weekend before leaving and my siblings who work want to get things before leaving so I'll accompany them to whatever place they go. 
I want to go to the library tomorrow afternoon because my local library is going to have a book sale, which would be great to go to since I'm going to get bored on the road and need some sort of entertainment. We'll see if I end up going or not if I do I'll post a book haul tomorrow.
Until then be safe,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blogmas Day 11: Best Day Ever

I just came back from my last final this year and boy am I happy. Today I got to hang out at my brother's house which I haven't done in a while. I studied while he played video games and then I came back home to study some more. I headed to school and took a 26 multiple choice exam which was fast and to the point. 
Now I can catch up on all my YouTube subscriptions since I stopped watching them in order to keep myself from procrastinating or being distracted. I'm going to do so many small things like make my planner for next year, make some beanies, watch a few movies and catch up on TV shows, and play games. Also, I can just lay under the covers and relax without worrying about something I have to write or read.
And if any of you still has to work or study or do something during the cold here is a little something to make you smile...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blogmas Day 10: Almost Done!

Today I finished writing my last essay and turning it in. I also took two final exams meaning I only have one left tomorrow night. I have all day tomorrow to study before my final so I'm not worried about it especially because the final is multiple choice. I am excited that in just a few more hours I can officially be on Winter break. For now I'm going to go to sleep it has been a long day of stressing out.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Blogmas Day 9: Finals!

It's almost day 10, but I made it before crunch time.
Today was quite different than my regular Mondays this quarter. I usually have Mondays off, but today I had to go to school to take a final and then also go to mass that was honoring catechism teachers. 
Let me start off with what I did today. I woke up and finished writing the assignment that is due tomorrow morning. Then I changed and did my hair and makeup. Then I went to school for my final which was scheduled for today instead of the usual early Wednesday. I finished in less than 30 minutes because I already knew most of the answers and the essay question at the end was about the same topic I wrote about on my 12 page essay (awesome). I came back home and freaked out for a second because I thought I had lost my flash drive which has all my work including the two essay I hadn't turned in, but I found it on my sister's bed so I was happy. I got them printed so now I'm fine if the flash drive gets lost (just kidding, losing things is not fine). I ate some awesome spaghetti and Hawaiian sweet rolls then I tried studying for tomorrow's morning final, but failed, both because it was too cold and because my sister came home and turned on the TV. Then I went to church for a bit more than an hour since I had to go early. Once I came home I gave up on trying to study and just laid under the covers (bad idea). I just came back from my shower and before going to sleep, I am laying here typing this out on my iPod. 
Tomorrow is the last hectic day since I have to be at school a bit after 10 am to take a final I didn't study for which isn't multiple choice (terrifying), then I have more than 7 hours depending on when I finish my final to write a 5 page paper, and then I have to go to class turn in that paper and take my final (luckily it is multiple choice). After that I'm worry free even though I have my last final Thursday night (I have all morning to study especially since I already finished my essay for that class). I'm excited even though tomorrow will be to say the least hectic,  I mean worst case scenario is I die, right?
Thanks for reading,

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blogmas Day 8: Nonstop Work

Hey there everyone, get ready for another lengthy post. I had a long day today it seems as if I didn't get everything I wanted to do done today, but here is what I did end up doing.

To start of the day I woke up around 7, changed, and went to mass with my family, we usually sit outside, but it was to cold so we pilled inside of the building and tried to keep warm. Once mass ended we drove to a nearby carniceria type restaurant and bought some food, to take home of course. After we had all finished our breakfast my dad, sister, brother and I went to a swap meet to look for some things we could take to Mexico or just any deals. My dad bought my brother a sweater that my sister had gotten the week before (its the reason he went with us) and my sister got two sweatpants. We also bought two stuffed monkeys to take to some of the kids in Mexico, because we usually take them something small for Christmas. 
Some time after 12 we got back home, my sister and I picked up my mom and went to Walmart where we usually go buy groceries every week. We got all the things we needed and headed to check out, but every register had a huge line so we got in line and no joke we were in line for more than an hour, everyone was complaining and it just sucked. We had to buy a freshly made rotisserie chicken because it was already late and we knew we would get home and the three boys would be hungry. We got out of the store around 3 pm we were so tired, hungry, and thirsty that we decided to buy some Honeyboba before heading home. We all also had to use the restroom so my mom didn't want her own drink.
We got home unloaded the car, used the restroom, and sat down for a few minutes. I sat down because I needed to cut my dog's medication and place it in a container we bought from dollar tree to make it easier for us to give it to him throughout the week. It looks like this... 
Yep, we use this for my dog, it's a lot easier because he needs medicine three times a day so having it done beforehand makes the process easier. After placing all his medicine in each container I went to the kitchen to heat up some mac and cheese so my brothers and dad could eat. After they were all fed my mom, sister, and I got into my sister's car this time to go to the 99 cents only store which we always go to after Walmart to buy simple everyday stuff for less money. We went in and it was already getting dark meaning sometime before 5 pm, we got all the things we needed plus some stuff, I got two packs of Christmas lights for my little Christmas trees. Then we drove to a nearby gas station and I put gas in my sister's car, we headed to another 99 cents store that is more generic to buy toilet paper and chips that my brother asked for. Since we hadn't eaten we went to a nearby Chinese food place and bought ourselves some food. After unloading the car we all sat down to eat our food. Once I was done with my food I came onto my bed and wrote one of the papers I was working on yesterday, I actually finished it right at 8. I got to lay down for an hour and watch Once Upon a Time with my sister. At 9 I checked my paper, added and deleted a few things, and then I was actually done. 
I have to write two more things before Tuesday, read a few chapters of two books before Tuesday, and I still have to study for all of my finals including for the one I have tomorrow afternoon. 
Wish me luck,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blogmas Day 7: Rainy Day

Okay so as I said today brings another late post because weekends are usually hectic. Today it rained all morning, which is awesome because I am probably the only person in the world who loves rain. So, I woke up around 6 am which is an hour early and couldn't fall back asleep even though my eyes were heavy so I just laid in bed with my eyes closed. Once it turned 7 am I got up and did my morning routine which includes going to the restroom and washing my face and brushing my teeth then coming back to my room and changing. My sister and I went to 711, I got a large cup of Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate and a Sausage Biscuit, after realizing that we got overcharged and were to early to actually go to church we headed to a nearby donuts shop and bought a donuts. We then headed to church were my sister and I volunteer, after teaching our classes we took another teacher home and headed to our house to get our dog. We had to make it to the vet before 12 pm and it was already past 11:30. Somehow we got there at 11:47 am (I remember because I had to sign in) and then the vet quickly checked our dog to see if the medicine was working which was a mehh, we have to go back again next weekend before going to Mexico just to do all the check ups, procedures, and paperwork so he can go on the road with us.  Then my sister went to the bank while I waited in the car with Lucky (our dog) and read from one of my textbooks in order to cram in some study time. Once we got home we ate a brownie we bought at 711 that morning and resting for less than 30 minutes. Afterwards, my sister and I went to buy lunch for everyone in our house including us which takes more than an hour because everyone wants something from a different fast food place all the time. We came home and I ate my Terriyaki Burger from Carl's Jr. and small order of orange chicken from the Chinese food restaurant my brother wanted food from. We started watching Tangled since it came out on TV I always start watching it and never get past the first few minutes because of constant chores and errands. This time my mother came into the room to let me know that my dad's dentures had broken again (it's been more than 9 times for sure) so my sister took me to Walmart to buy two packs of denture repair kits because they give you pack to repair the broken denture 3 times, but give you a small tube that finishes when you are barely on the second pack of adhesive (it's that company's way of keeping people from buying another product, BASTARDS). So after waiting in the long lines we drove to Daiso Japan (which I love), I bought two small Christmas trees to place in my room in Mexico. Once we got a few things from there we came back home and I spent more than 30 minutes trying to fix his dentures because they are just so messed up already that they don't even stick easily anymore, Boo You Whore! Once I finished with that awful conundrum I came back to my room and started another tedious task which was write a paper for one of my classes, I am still not done, but I know what I want to write now so I am going to do that tomorrow at some point before doing my other two writing assignments, ugh I hate school so bad now. So, now I'm going to go take a shower and then come back to my room and just knock out hopefully.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

Blogmas Day 6: Lazy Day

Well hello everyone...
I'm posting a bit later than usual today I have no idea why, but not much happened today so let me just give a rundown of what I did.
Last night I fell asleep around 1am because I always get hooked on YouTube videos and just keep clicking on more suggested videos, so I woke up a few minutes before it turned 10am. After watching a few YouTube videos again (first place I check when I turn on a computer) while eating breakfast. I looked for a movie I plan on writing about for one of my classes.  I laid under the warm covers and watched "Rebel without a Cause". Once I finished watching it my dad came into my room and asked me to go buy some Christmas presents with him. So, I called my brother to come with us because he hasn't picked out any Christmas clothes yet. Once we got to Walmart I went to grab three pairs of pants for my sister I only found two pairs of pants that she wanted in her size so I had to go look for an alternative pair, once I found something her size I got that and went to help my brother find some shirts since he had already picked out two pairs of pants (he later found another pair since my dad knows that my brother rips his jeans fast). My brother ended up finding a bunch of different colors of flannel button ups for $7 so my dad just let him get whatever he wanted. We had to wait in a huge line in order to check out which is the only reason I hate Walmart (I never get in and out of there in less than 30min.  because of their lines). We came back home and I just watched more YouTube videos because I'm addicted. And then once my sister came home I ate a huge salad and watched more YouTube videos with her. Then we watched a Hulu movie called Motherhood with Uma Thurman. Once that was done I went to my brothers' house to hang out with him for about 2 hrs. And now I'm laying on my bed writing for you guys before relaxing with my sister for a few minutes. I take a shower around now and then I try to sleep (I actually try sleeping on Friday and Saturday nights because I have to wake up early the next day). 
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so it might be smart to say that I will be posting late again. Until then be safe.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blogmas Day 5: Planner

Hello Everyone,
I hope you're enjoying blogmas so far, I think I'm going to make it to the 12 days of Christmas and I might even do the entire 25 days using the schedule setting on blogger while I'm away. While on vacation I plan on making my own planner, because I have A LOT of notebooks, one being a small diary from the 90's that I bought in a 99 cents store near me that recently closed down (which is sad because it had been there since I was small).  I plan on using the small diary using ideas I have floating around in my head and pictures I have found on Pintrest and might even keep looking for. 
If I actually do it, I'll try to share it and let everyone know how it went.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blogmas Day 4: Comfiest Clothes

Since I'm currently in school and will be here all day, I decided to share my first Christmas presents OOTD. Since I wanted to come to school and feel comfortable all day I picked out the two pieces of clothing (jeans and shirt) that I got as Christmas presents to wear, and let me just tell you I am so comfortable and I love what I am wearing. I also decided to actually take some time and do my hair an makeup today, which I rarely do, sadly. So below is my current the way sorry for all the bad pictures and my ugly backgrounds (i.e. the bathroom sinks).

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blogmas Day 3: Music & Essays

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited because I just finished one of my big assignments which I was afraid of doing and was putting off for such a long time that I literally finished a day before it is actually due. It was a 12-15 page paper which I wasn't as excited to write and although I ended up writing 11 pages instead of the 12 minimum, there was a sort of fine print that said it had to be a minimum 3,300 word essay which I surpassed. In order to write this essay without procrastinating as much as usual I decided to break down my time and number of pages and give myself a reward for finishing a page in a certain amount of time.  As you can see below I wrote each hour I had to write this essay and then I wrote that I had to finish a page by the end of that hour in order to do whatever I wrote next to it and if I didn't write that page on time I had to finish both that page and the next page before the next hour was over in order to do one of the two things I had written down. It worked well and I actually finished earlier than I thought I would because by the end it felt like I was playing a game and I was almost at the finish line. 

Another factor that helped me write this essay which is my usual little helper when doing work is and was Pandora. I made a new station and I think if you click the hyper-linked Pandora in the previous sentence you can actually see what station it is. If not then, I am listening to, drum roll please... Christmas music! Yes, yesterday I was just so antsy about having to start the essay and I was just silently wishing someone could do it for me so I could go on vacation and imagine all the fun Christmas activities and just fun vacation stuff to be had soon. I am getting giddy just writing about it, soon after all this studying and essay writing is done I'll be on vacation enjoying myself and just hanging out with my family, I fucking love it!!!!! Sorry for the language, but you are now in the hands of Giddy Mabel and believe me when I'm giddy I just have to share my excitement with some sort of curse word (sorry, all in good fun though). 
Anyways I think I'm about to just listen to a few more Christmas songs, while writing a to do list so I can quickly and easily finish all of my other assignment before next week. 

So Freaking Excited!!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Blogmas Day 2: Presents

As I mentioned yesterday, my family and I go on vacation during Christmas break and we go out and buy presents for family members before travelling. Not only do we buy presents for family that lives down in Mexico (which is where we are going), but we buy things for ourselves. To be more exact, my dad buys us our Christmas presents early, he lets us pick out clothes we need. I just came back from a discount store named dd's Discounts (similar to Ross) and picked out three shirts for myself and my sister. This past Saturday we went to a swap-meet nearby that I buy my pants at so my dad bought me four pairs (I wore one yesterday so I don't have a picture, but they are just khaki jeggings exactly like the ones on dailylook). All of the pants were $12 each for plus size, which I am, and regular sizes are just $10. All of the pants I bought are skinny jeans and since I don't have any dark denim or just denim in general I decided to buy three pairs of dark denim skinny jeans, which all have great characteristics.
Live For Love baseball T $9.99, Green long sleeved button-down  $5.49, Hipster Skulls baseball T $8.99
Skinny Jeans: $12 each
My favorite shirt is the baseball T I'm calling the "Hipster Skulls", it's very soft and the combination of the colors is awesome, also the images are my favorite. I really enjoy baseball t's so when I found these I didn't even think twice about getting them. There was another baseball T that I didn't get, but it was long and it said "Keep calm and Twerk on" which I probably wouldn't wear so I passed that shirt up. There were a lot of great shirts, sweaters, and boots that I would have bought for myself, but I limited myself because I don't want to cram more things into my already full closet.
This is my last week of school before finals so I am trying to finish up on assignments that need to be turned in soon, that's going to be stressful and then I have to study for finals so I hope I can finish everything on time. Once I'm done I'm going to be so happy, I just keep reminding myself that I'll be on vacation soon, but then that just makes me want to stop everything and not do any work.

Vacation will come soon enough,

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blogmas: Advent

Hello everyone,
Because of the upcoming holiday (Christmas to be exact), I decided to do the equivalent to vlogmas, I will be doing Blogmas! I might not do all 24/25 days of Blogmas because I will be traveling soon and I won't have an Internet connection, but I am sure that I can accomplish the "12 days of Christmas" version of Blogmas. 
To kick of Blogmas I want to share my little advent calendar which I already opened a few minutes ago. As you can see in the picture above, the advent calendar is full of 24 different chocolates for every day before Christmas Day.

My family and I are preparing to go on our Christmas vacation so we went to a swap-meet  to look for anything we could buy as presents for some of our family members. There is a vendor who always sells and makes pillows so my sister bought herself a pillow and bought me the one below (small pillows are $1).

After walking around in the sun for a while we came back home, my head has hurt since then (meaning all day). A few minutes after getting home we went grocery shopping which seems to consume most of the day. And now I am laying in bed hoping my headache will go away and waiting for Once Upon a Time to come on.
I hope Blogmas is a success and other people join in. Will write tomorrow,