Friday, February 28, 2014

The Internet was down for two hours and I thought I wasn't going to be able to write today, but luckily the Internet started working a few minutes ago. 
Today I am going to share the project I had been working on, which I mentioned a few posts ago. I teach a Saturday school class in my local church and last week I had to be the substitute of two other classes so I decided to do a little lesson that involved a story and an activity to follow that. I read them a story called "The Three Trees" which can be found here ( .

After reading the story to my students I let them
 write as many dreams as they wanted to place in
 a Hopes & Dreams jar which I forgot to take, so
 decided to do at home. Here is what I came 
up with...

Although, I was supposed to fill a jar with hopes
 and dreams I couldn't find one that could fit all 
the pieces of paper. Feel free to make your own
 and share, this project is usually done by people
 at the beginning of the year so that at the end 
of that year they could go back and see which 
hopes & dreams they actually got to 
accomplish, but I decided to do this a bit later 
than anyone else.
Here is what I used for my "jar" of hopes & dreams...
• basket or jar (I used an old shower caddy container: $1)
• paper for the wishes (try different colored paper: $1)
• Ribbon (to tie the wishes and to decorate with: $1)

It's really simple and fun to do with just about 
anyone. Also, there are many different types of 
jars out there that people have made that inspired
 me to do this project. Here are a few...

Definitely a fun project for a rainy day,

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today I went to a few stores with my brother because he was craving a 1,000 piece puzzle, but we didn't find any. One of the stores we went to was a thrift store a bit closer to my house than the last one I recently visited and I ended up finding a Lion King stuffed animal. Best part was it was only $1, bad part is that it's Scar, but I mean it's a start to my collection although it will take me a lot longer to find another Lion King stuffed animal. I'm going to have him cleaned because you never know what happened to it before I got my hands on it. So, without further ado here is Scar...

After going to the store my brother and I watched The Vow, which was a great movie. Also, I helped my mom make some tamales and they were so delicious. It rained last night, but during the day it was nice no rain or anything like that, but I think tomorrow it'll be a bit more relaxing since it will be raining all day.

Am I the only person that enjoys the rain?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today wasn't so bad I actually woke up today with an email letting me know that one of my classes was cancelled, so that was nice. I got to rest for a couple of hours in between my two classes and also meet with one of my group members. This weekend I have to catch up on some homework and reading and then work on a project I started that I want to have done before Saturday so if I finish I will share the project on here.
That's it for today,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today I had a failed attempt to go thrifting. Basically, I went to my local thrift store looking for Lion King memorabilia or anything I would enjoy and I found nothing, mainly because I was being rushed. I looked through the stuffed animals and many of them were adorable and I would have bought them, but I would end up storing them in my garage or something after a while. Although, after thinking about it I might go back and get a small one that I can carry around in my bag, as a sort of pick me up when I'm feeling down. I might have better luck finding Lion King things at two other thrift stores I enjoy visiting, but they are further away from me so I'm just going to have to wait for a time when I can actually go and check what they have. 
Tomorrow I go to school and during one of my breaks I have to meet with my group to work on an assignment, so I am going to be very sad since I usually eat during the time we are going to meet. I am going to feel both hungry and rushed.  Also, I'm not sure what we are going to meet and do since we have to do a bit of research and I doubt my partners have started, if so I am going to be that ass that no one wants to work with because I am not putting any effort into it. I forgot if I have any other assignments due tomorrow so lets hope I don't because I am just a walking stress ball. 
Goodbye for now,

Monday, February 24, 2014

Countdown to Spring Break:

Mondays are my "long" days. I'm basically stuck in school all day, which is why I probably won't write as much on Mondays and sometimes Wednesdays, luckily I am on my break right now so I can sit down and write this using my iPod. 
I actually feel rested today because I was at home this morning for a longer time than usual since my dad took my aunt to the doctors and he got home 10 minutes before my class started so I was almost late. I don't live that far away from my school so I got there a few minutes after class started and the only problem was that I couldn't find a good seat. I think that I can survive the rest of the day without feeling so tired and annoyed as every other Monday. 
I came to school bundled up because I get out late and it is usually cold by then and because it is supposed to rain this week, but today ended up being really hot. I'm not complaining though because that's California weather for you even during Winter. 
I hope today goes smoothly from here on and not just for me. Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Lion King
That is what this afternoon consisted of, well watching the three films is what this afternoon consisted of.  As a child I got The Lion King II: Simba's Pride movie for Christmas and I watched it so many times that I knew the lines and apparently haven't forgotten them. I never really watched the first one and definitely hadn't watched the third (more like 1 1/2) when I was a child. A few years ago I went to the swap meet and found $1 VHS' so my brother bought The Lion King and that was the first time I ever watched it. I have been wanting to watch the second film for a while, but our VHS player doesn't work anymore, so today I asked my brother if he wanted to watch all three and he agreed. I just have to say I love them all, but The Lion King II: Simba's Pride is always going to be my favorite one. Although, after seeing them all the way Simba acts makes me love him more than ever. 
I really want a bunch of Lion King memorabilia now, no matter what it is I want it haha. I might even go see the musical one day, but I don't really go out so we'll see if that ever happens. 

Here are a few things I have seen so far that are amazing...

All Lion King Mugs Out There

(click the link to see a cute baby Simba *love*)

There are just so many different things and I am definitely going to turn into a Lion King hoarder. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

25 days to go: Altered Books

Something I have recently found and have been wanting to try for myself has been altered books. As I have mentioned before, I have a lot of notebooks and I want to do something with them. As I was looking for inspiration I ended up finding a video of an altered book that looked beautiful. I don't know when I'll have time to do it, but sometime later on I plan on doing my own altered book just for decoration. Either way, I am stalking the internet for more videos, blog posts, and pictures of people's altered books because they are amazing and pretty cool. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

26 days to go: Introduction

Daily Blogging for 26 days! How does that sound? Well it's happening from today up until March 17 or so. I downloaded a countdown app a few weeks back because I needed something to countdown to days when I had something exciting to look forward to. The closest thing is Spring Break, which is a bit more than a week for me to relax. I am not really going to do anything crazy like people in movies, but I needed a pick me up and I definitely need a few days to do nothing at home. I think I might do countdowns to specific things every once in a while on this blog just because it is my last year in college so writing down things is probably going to be best for memories later on in life. 
I am going to be writing everyday similar to Blogmas last year, so I look forward to that and hope everyone else who follows my blog is excited since I haven't been posting in a long time. If anyone is interested in the app that I am using it is called My Day and it is free in the App Store. 
Since this is a countdown to Spring Break I will be going backwards, so I will start on day 26 (today) and end on Day 1 (first day of Spring Break). I hope it doesn't get confusing as the days go by. Let me know what you are looking forward to by commenting or tweeting me using the phrase #thelifeof713 on your tweet. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

House of... Books!

Hello Everyone!
So, these past two weeks were Midterm weeks and some assignments were due so I had to work on that, so sorry for being gone. 
These past few days I've been craving a good book to read and have been looking at a few books that sounded interesting on the internet. I have been stalking my library's website, BookTube, and Goodreads for anything I could find and I found a bunch of books that I want to read, unfortunately I went to the library today and I had trouble finding what I wanted.  I went to the library with my brother so I was getting rushed because he didn't want to be there, he'd rather be playing video games. Anyways, I found a book I was interested in and had no idea that it had been published already, it is part of a series I started reading on my last year of high school. 
It is the 11th book of A House of Night Novel: Revealed, it's basically another young adult vampire book, but this series is about a school which is for "marked ones" which are basically teens who get marked with a beautiful tattoo on their forehead and they are sent to a school to learn about being a vampire, they don't become full on vampires at this point, and some students even die because their body rejects the change into a vampire.  
For now I only borrowed that book from the library, but once I finish it I am going back to get another book which I just realized I didn't read from a different series. Then once I finish that one I'll hopefully be on vacation and I can place a few books on hold so I can pick them up and read while on Spring break. 
For now, I'll be stalking my websites and Googleing books/genres and hopefully I'm going to find some blogs where I can find some suggestions of books to read. Let me know if there is a good book out there that I should read. Also, Kalel Kitten from Frilly+Fancy talked about V.C. Andrews' books which I was hoping to find at my local library today, but I only found a few I wasn't interested in so those are definitely going to be placed on hold soon.