Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Break

Hello everyone!
I am back on vacation, I have actually been on vacation since this past week, but decided to give myself a little break before I started writing on here again. 
This quarter was hectic, I was always working on something and helping other classmates out so I rarely had time to relax and just think. I went to school to finish some final work on Thursday, June 13 and the following day I went back to school for my brother and sister's graduation. I got my grades this past Wednesday and I passed all my classes which felt great because I worked so hard to get what I got. 
Anyways, I am going to start writing again during my break and I'm going to try to do more daily doses of my life so I'll have something to write about. I will be doing a few reviews on some products I received from Mary Kay (influenster) so look out for that.
I'm about to go look for the Candyland board game since I am currently babysitting my nephews and Brian (the youngest) wants to play it.
Will write soon,

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