Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lingerie Hunt

I want to start posting daily blogs of what happened throughout the days using pictures, but I have very bad memory on my iPod which I use for almost everything including my blog updates. Today I basically woke up and ate cereal and then my sister and I took my mom to a billion lingerie stores (my mom was being picky) we had done the same thing yesterday (Monday) and she ended up liking nothing except one type of underwear that only went up to a certain size (not her size). We took more than 3 hours driving around LA and at the end we ended up at the first place we went the day before. We all bought something, we might as well since we spent so much time on this tedious task. I love what I bought which were 3 pairs of underwear and 3 bras for $21.80 in total. It was one of those buy 3 for $10 deals.
We then came home dropped off my mom so she could start dinner and my sister and I went to buy things we needed like toothpaste. We went to tutti fruity since it is a hot day today and we hadn't gone in a while, I would have taken a picture of the masterpiece, but I tend to dig in whenever I am around delicious food. Then we came home and I ate my tutti fruity while watching Youtube videos that were uploaded today. Once I was done with my yogurt and videos I laid down and looked through my iPod since I tend to get a new app every once in a while and end up with no storage, I then have to delete an app that I don't use (I wish I could delete the apps that come with the iPod those never get used). At around 3pm dinner was ready and I only ate two tacos, I still feel full. And now I'm going to wait for it to turn 6pm so my sister and I can watch "Yo Soy Betty la Fea" which is the original Ugly Betty and we just love it. Then I tend to use my iPod or do something to pass the time until it turns 10pm so I can take a shower and then "go to sleep", I tend to fall asleep an hour afterwards.

That's about it. Being on vacation isn't as fun for me, but I keep myself busy. What are you doing during your vacation or during your summer days? Are there any apps that I should download or take a look at? I love apps so PLEASE share the apps with me(:

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