Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Walk in the Park

So yesterday I ended up watching the show I talked about and downloading a new app, a calendar app named "Cal" I love how it looks. Then after watching the soap opera my nephews came over around 7:45pm. We just hung out a while and talked about Halloween costumes since my nephew is already picking out a costume, we love dressing up. Then at 8pm I tried to watch "Who's Line is it Anyway?", and then we talked with my sister and nephew as another show was on. My sister left around 9:30pm since my nephew was getting tired. I then watched a few videos of grav3yardgirl on YouTube since my sister and I were talking about her As Seen on TV videos. 
Today I woke up somewhere around 9am and watched TV for a bit before going to the market with my sister. My mom had planned on making tamales today so we went to buy the ingredients, we also went to buy a few things in order for us to wash my sister's car. Once we came home I ate breakfast (which was leftover cake from my birthday, July 13). I know very unhealthy, but the cereal I planned on eating was gross so I ate the next best thing that I could find that would go with a glass of milk. Anyways, afterwards I tried helping my sister dry off her car, but since it was really hot her car had huge streaks of water all over the place and we had to wet the car over to try to dry it before the sun could mess it up again. We ended up failing at making it look nice and so we put all the cleaning supplies away. Then I came inside and watched a few YouTube videos and then went next door to my brother's house to watch a movie on Netflix. We couldn't decide what to watch so we used a popup on the Netflix account, we call it Max, and made it look for something we could watch. You can find a video of that on I think the video is called "Overusing Max on Netflix." We ended up watching a Christmas movie from our youth with Arnold "the terminator" (I don't want to butcher the last name). Then I came back to my house and ate some tamales and watched a few more YouTube videos before watching the soap again. There were 10minutes left before the show was over and my parents told us that our dog wanted to go out, since we have started taking him to the park every so often we decided to go to a different park. The park we went to was small, but beautiful to just let him explore. There was a small trail that we saw once we walked past the few trees that the park had and wondered if people were allowed to walk through there. We let our dog walk around the small park and after seeing that two ladies walked up the path we decided to do so as well, the ladies came back quickly so we thought it wouldn't be bad. It was pretty nice I'll post the few pictures I took of it, but as you can see, it was in between houses which made it feel safe and it was really nice and peaceful. After hiking down the small path we went to Ralph's and bought some ice cream for ourselves, I picked an ice cream for my sister since she stayed in the car with our dog. Once we got home we watched 2 episodes of "Hoarders" and ate our treats. Now I am going to go take a shower as everyone sleeps, my dog got so tired he knocked out right when we got home.

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