Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good Comments

Sometimes doing something creative or relaxing is hard to do when there is so much to do or a lot of things on my mind so, last week I was inspired to do my nails. After sitting down and painting my nails I had to do some chores and then this happened...

Yup, the nail polish rubbed off of my ring finger, the two fingers next to it messed up slightly, but I fixed those easily. So, I have been walking around for a whole week with one finger that needs new polish. 

Even though the one nail isn't what I want, while out buying groceries and other tidbits I stopped at a Juice It Up and the cashier said she liked my nails. And sometimes small comments like that make my day and others' day a little better. 
Letting people know that something is appreciated, beautiful, nice, etc., is something I do often and enjoy when I receive similar comments. So, sometime this week, month, year, lifetime, whenever possible just let a stranger or a loved one know how much you enjoy or love something they have or are doing (who knows you can brighten up someone's day with such a small comment that takes little time to say).

Hope everyone is doing well,

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