Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blogmas: Advent

Hello everyone,
Because of the upcoming holiday (Christmas to be exact), I decided to do the equivalent to vlogmas, I will be doing Blogmas! I might not do all 24/25 days of Blogmas because I will be traveling soon and I won't have an Internet connection, but I am sure that I can accomplish the "12 days of Christmas" version of Blogmas. 
To kick of Blogmas I want to share my little advent calendar which I already opened a few minutes ago. As you can see in the picture above, the advent calendar is full of 24 different chocolates for every day before Christmas Day.

My family and I are preparing to go on our Christmas vacation so we went to a swap-meet  to look for anything we could buy as presents for some of our family members. There is a vendor who always sells and makes pillows so my sister bought herself a pillow and bought me the one below (small pillows are $1).

After walking around in the sun for a while we came back home, my head has hurt since then (meaning all day). A few minutes after getting home we went grocery shopping which seems to consume most of the day. And now I am laying in bed hoping my headache will go away and waiting for Once Upon a Time to come on.
I hope Blogmas is a success and other people join in. Will write tomorrow,

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