Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Summer Vacation

I have no idea what to write about anymore and that is why I don't update as much. When I'm on vacation I don't do much except watch TV/movies and read books. When I'm in school I do the same as well as going to school and completing assignments. So I have no life, basically.

I haven't tried to post since July 31, the day I wrote the four sentences above. And the tiny draft that wasn't posted is still true to this day... I want to blog, but I have no idea what I want to blog about. So, for today I'll update you with what I did these past few months. July/August consisted of books and TV/movies daily, it was getting boring. So, nearing the end of August my parents decided to go to Mexico and asked me if I wanted to tag along. Obviously, I took their offer and on August 27 we got on a plane and headed down to Mexico. We were there for three weeks, which was great because the town my parents are from has a certain celebration that lasts an entire week, but the weeks before it everyone is getting ready and enjoying themselves. So I got to be there and enjoy the town and my family while it was calm and then the last week was spent with an entire town of people. That may sound awful, but it's one of those moments when you just want the whole world to experience it (the more the merrier type of complex) because fun things were occurring. For example a large greased up pole was mounted in front of the town square and people would try to climb it to get what was on the tippy-top (that was a game they did one afternoon). That same afternoon my parents and I went to see a fireworks display that they do every year. I wish you could all see the display, but videos don't do it justice and we can't all fly there just to see fireworks. I loved it because the fireworks were mounted on a Castle type display were each row or column of it had different fireworks and at the top the fireworks got bigger and brighter and the lights from the fireworks would fall to the floor in large quantities making it seem as if the stars where coming down to earth (magical)! I actually did a lot and I wrote a journal while I was there so I might just post a few things I have written down since there is so much more that I want to share, but that will be on a different post since this one is already to long. I also want to share pictures even though there won't be many, but I want to try. Anyways we came back the last week of September since I started school that Thursday and so now I've been in school for a bit more than two weeks.  So that's what I've been up to, here are a few pictures I have near me of the trip...
Most of the pictures were taken by my little cousins so, I'll show what I can which isn't much. This first picture was taken one of the first days when I went to visit my grandma. I look so amused, or NOT.

It was avocado season so I made lots of guacamole, until I couldn't finish the last batch and had to stop.
Here's the town square, full of people waiting to see the Vigin Mary who is taken around the square for everyone to see.
My cousin came over and we had a sleep over so as usual we took pictures of our funny faces.
On the second to last day, I rode my aunts and uncles horse which he wasn't to happy about.

And I wasn't to happy about coming back, I miss my town. I'll be back there soon enough, but for now I'll share stories and more pictures of this trip. 
I'll share those soon,

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