Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Favorites

I have never done a "monthly favorites" post, but I want to start blogging more now that I am on vacation and I thought I would start at the beginning of the month with something simple and new to my blog. The following things are not in any particular order.

I have been in love with sweet tea for some reason these past few months and I found that the Walmart brand is my favorite out of all the iced tea gallons they have. I tend to buy two pairs of gallons each Sunday in order for me to drink tea throughout the week.

FAVORITE #2: Large McDonald's Iced Sweet Tea
McDonald's has their $1 any size drink deal once again and I am taking full advantage of this. When I was in high school my best friend and I would go to McDonald's and buy the largest cup of sweet iced tea from McDonald's and just drive around in his car drinking this glorious beverage and I still love their iced tea now and buy it whenever my sister and I go out on a hot day. 

FAVORITE #3: Silly Straw Mason Jar 
I also bought this a while back, but I fell in love instantly. I went to Dollar Tree and found these and I loved how it looked that I ended up buying a green one (now I wish I would have bought all the colors and then some). It is my favorite cup now and I tend to drink my sweet tea from this all the time. I also love that on the times when I have dropped it and it was full of tea, only a few drops fell out of the top instead of the entire thing spilling. I can't explain why, but I am IN LOVE with this cup and I really do wish I had more than one.

FAVORITE #4: Irregular Jelly Beans
My mouth is literally watering right now. During the beginning of June I was still in school and since that's typically around the time when we have huge projects, I was always at school working on assignments. So, I bought a bunch of bags of Belly Flops and I would sit behind the computer and edit videos while I ate jelly beans as a quick and small snack. Even after I finished all my projects and started my vacation I am obsessed with these packs of jelly beans. 

FAVORITE #5: Supernatural
Another thing that happens to me while I am about to finish school is that I get hooked on something (an app, a song, a hobby, a show, etc.) and once again I got hooked on something. I wanted to watch this show since it first started years ago, but I shared a TV with my sister and brother and they hate "scary" shows/movies/anything. So, I finally decided to watch the show especially since I knew I was going to be on a 3 month vacation after I was done. And let me just say I love it and I am obsessed I am already on Season 5 (I try not to binge watch because I don't want them to be over so soon). Although, I know I have to be done before October 7 because that's when Season 10 starts.  

FAVORITE #6: Straw Sandals
I bought 6 different pairs of these types of sandals about two months ago and I have been wearing them nonstop ever since I graduated, it's hot here in California so I just want to lounge around my house in these comfy pair of shoes. I think I'm on my third pair, two other pairs already ripped. The first pair (red ones) ripped the day I went to Dollar Tree and got my awesome cup, my brother actually stepped on one of them while we were walking in and so I walked through the store with a ripped sandal. Then the second pair (orange ones) ripped at the beginning of June when my brother and nephew stepped on my sandals. Now I am wearing a pair of gold sandals which look great with black nail polish.

I CAN'T REMEMBER IF THERE IS ANYTHING ELSE! If I remember I'll let you all know in another post.

I am about to go somewhere with my brother and sister (maybe the park) so I will talk to you all soon.

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