Friday, November 28, 2014

Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Blogmas

I though I would share what I did these past two holidays and what I will be doing leading up to Christmas. 

I actually vlogged during the entire week of Halloween (which you can watch on my YouTube channel: COWmabelVACA), but here are three costumes I did just for fun.

A Doll
My sister came over with her makeup kit and a bunch of contact lenses. I got to use a pair of blue contacts and I loved how they made my eyes look. My natural eye color mixed with the blue which made them look like a green hazel shade. 
We then decided to mess around with the makeup and here is what happened...

Emily (The Corpse Bride)

During that same week I decided to watch a few Tim Burton films, which led me to my recreation of The Corpse Bride using regular makeup.
I didn't go all out and do her eyes because I just wanted to see if the blue would work and if I would have enough. I didn't dress like her for Halloween since I don't have a wedding dress lying around or a white dress for that matter.

For the actual day of Halloween I decided to go for a Harry Potter character since I will finish the entire series for the first time this year. So I went with...
Bellatrix Lestrange

I even did her tattoos, and later realized that I had drawn one on backwards (thanks mirrors).

To see the full video of my Halloween Week go over to my YouTube channel where I vlogged it along with a few other weekly vlogs. 

The day before Thanksgiving my sister and I went to more than five stores in order to buy the ingredients for our meal. We don't have a working oven so instead of making an entire turkey we decided to make turkey legs. I took on the task of grilling them which took a long time because I had to keep turning them every 8 minutes and adding the BBQ sauce. In the end they were so good, yet so big that one leg was way more than enough for each person. I didn't even finish mine.
The meal was so good and I was so hungry by that time that I forgot to take a picture of my plate. Other than turkey legs my sister made a Crockpot Ham, Potato Broccoli Casserole, Stuffing, and Pie. This week was so fun especially because my nephews slept over almost all week since they didn't have to go to school. 

We played board games, we played pretend, we played with their DSi and my brother's Playstation 3 and we just had loads of fun. We also played Heads Up last night with my older siblings which was just hilarious. 

Last year I did Blogmas here instead of Vlogmas on YouTube and I decided to do it again since I had so much fun last year and I haven't had a good opportunity to write on my blog for such a long time until now. I won't be able to blog up until Christmas Day just like last year because we will be going to Mexico yet again, but I will be blogging everyday up until the day we leave. I will let you know what day that is once it's confirmed, but for now I'm excited to do it come Monday. 

See you for Blogmas Day 1!

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