Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Blogmas: DSi Lite

Welcome all to this year's blogmas!

This weekend was Black Friday weekend meaning lots of "deals" and lots of crowds. As usual my family and I didn't plan on leaving the house except for the usual meals, groceries, and church. My brother on the other hand decided to go to GameStop since he recently bought himself a refurbished DSi XL and he was going to use a "coupon" he has to buy two games and get one free. Once we entered the *shocker* abandoned GameStop and got handed the weekly specials we realized that for the entire Black Friday Weekend they would have a buy two get one free game deal. So of course my brother saved the coupon he already has and doesn't expire until the end of January 2015 and bought 3 games. Once we got home we looked through the rest of the specials and saw that the DSi Lite (one of the first ever DSi systems) was on special as well and if we bought one we would get a free case which also came with 3 extra stylists, 3 cases which are used to store games, a car charger, earphones, and screen protectors. My brother wanted me to have a DSi as well because he wants me to go over to his house more often in order to have "game nights" or game days on weekends. Also, when my nephews come over I'm sort of the odd one out since they all have a DSi. They like to connect all their DSi together and compete against each other which I could only do if I borrowed my sister's DSi. 
If you didn't figure it out by now, then YES my brother did buy me a DSi Lite this past Saturday. And YES we are guilty of having gone to four nearby GameStops and buying 3 games at each one. My brother is technically just sharing all the games he bought, but I'm fine with that since the only games I actually want to play all have two or more files in which we can each save our game. 
So without further a dew here is my DSi Lite... (I only had a few color options so I chose red on black)....

This of course is my first Christmas present this year and if you are new to my blog then you should know that my family does things a bit differently. We aren't home during Christmas so we usually go out and buy presents and use them right away. We used to be "traditional" and wrap them and place them under a tree and open them Cristmas Day, but a little more than 6 years ago we started traveling to Mexico during Christmas in order to spend time with the rest of our family and started our current Christmas tradition. 

Let me know in the comments:
What is on your Christmas wish list? What are your Christmas traditions like? And/or what are some good DSi games?

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