Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BoutofBooks17 Progress

Monday August 22 
The worst day to possibly start a Readathon, at least for me. I got called into work an hour earlier than I had planned so I didn't read in the morning. I worked all day and the two hours I had left of my day I decided to relax with a few videos. Luckily this week Monday is actually my Friday so I have two whole days to read. 

Tuesday August 23
My first day off meant reading time. I started off by reading memoirs of a geisha, it was a hot day and for some reason I wasn't hooked on reading this book so after coming back from errands with my brother I started reading Tex. At the end of the day I read 30 pages from Memoirs and 5 chapters from Tex. By the way my app still doesn't work well so I'm reading Tex from my internet safari instead of the actual app. I don't know how many pages I read because the book doesn't have page numbers so I'm going to be talking about chapters finished instead for Tex. I am currently on Chapter 9. 

Wednesday August 24
I know Tex is a small book so I knew I would finish it today, I only had four chapters left. I finished it during a sprint with Riley @rmfickfack and Jeanne @SuchaBookaholic on Twitter, which felt so nice since I was starting to feel like not a lot of people were participating or at least posting about it on Twitter. After looking through the #boutofbooks I realized I had to switch between All Tweets rather than Top Tweets which only showed a few tweets from the prior days; there are so many people participating who I hadn't noticed beforehand. Then I continued reading Memoirs of a Geisha for a few hours, I ended up reading 62 pages.

Thursday August 25
Basically my Monday which meant I worked, got home and only got to read a few pages. I decided to start reading Slasher Girls and Monster Boys since it's a collection of stories, but I didn't even finish the first story. I only read 23 pages which is fine because tomorrow morning I can read before going to work.

Friday August 26
I had the morning to myself which means I got to read for a bit. I finished reading the first story in Slasher Girls and Monster Boys and then read the next two stories. The stories aren't scary, but so far the second story in this book was the best/creepiest. I ended up reading 41 pages before having to get ready to go to work. During my lunch break I started to read another story, I finished it once I got home. In total I read 65 pages today which isn't bad for a work day.

Saturday August 27
Once again I had the morning off so I got to read one story from Slasher Girls and Monster Boys, a good story about death that reminds me of a joke I learned as a child. Hopefully I can read another one during my break at work again. Weekends are usually harder days to read because of all the noise and people at home, and weekends are busy at work as well. I only got to read around four pages when I was on my break at work. Pages read today were 25.

Sunday August 28
Hopefully I can finish reading Danielle Page's story on Slasher Girls and Monster Boys before work. It sound good so far, but I'm waiting for that ending to see if I'm actually happy with what she's written. I went to the market in the morning and I only had a few minutes before heading to work so I tried reading a bit. Once I was at work I actually got to finish Danielle Paige's story and only her story so I only read around 15 pages today. I like Danielle's writing, but I was hesitant about how she finishes her stories, overall I fell in love with her characters. 

To wrap this all up I finished one book, Tex by S.E. Hinton, and I read and almost completed two books, Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden and Slasher Girls and Monster Boys. This read-a-thon was great because I didn't expect to finish any books and I got to read more books than I usually would on a workday. Luckily I will be participating in another read-a-thon very soon so I might just finish the other two books soon, but more on that tomorrow. 

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