Monday, May 8, 2017

Bout of Books 19 | Wrap Up

Monday May 8
On the first day of the read-a-thon I had to work most of the day so I only read around 9 pages of A Monster Calls, meaning Chapter 1. I arrived to work a few minutes early so since I downloaded the book onto my phone I read until I had to clock into work. I woke up to an email notification from the library confirming that I now had my hands on Girl Online: Going Solo. I have two days off from work so I plan on finishing Androids and picking up Zoe Sugg's book. I might save A Monster Calls for workdays just because I already have it on my phone, but who knows I might be in the mood for that at some point before Thursday. 

Tuesday May 9
I decided to tackle Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep first since I only had a few chapters left. I read all 84 remaining pages and then relaxed for a bit by watching a few videos on my phone. Then I downloaded Girl Online onto my iPad which I had been charging while I read Androids. I'm thinking I can finish it by Wednesday afternoon since I didn't download it on my phone and will have to wait to be near my iPad to read it. I read 131 pages out of 235 which means tomorrow I should be able to read the remaining 104 pages, if I don't feel lazy like I did today.

Wednesday May 10
I finished reading Girl Online, possibly the last book in the series, and for some reason I feel like even though it is a middle grade book it was so good. The main character does so many hobbies and among those she blogs and throughout the novel we see her posts and how it relates to her life and what is happening at that moment. It made me want to start writing all over again, the same way she does and uses her blog as a personal diary, but my life isn't as interesting as hers. I loved it because of that though. 
I didn't read for the rest of the afternoon since my family and I spent it celebrating Mother's Day.

Thursday May 11
I got to work early so I read a bit of A Monster Calls, once I got out of work I read some more for about an hour. 

Friday May 12
I didn't have to go into work until later on in the day so I read more of A Monster Calls. I had a tough day so once I got home I relaxed for a few hours before going to bed. 

Saturday May 13
I finished reading A Monster Calls, I only had a few chapters left to read. I decided not to pick up another book because weekends always go by too fast and I don't have time to read like I do on weekdays. I didn't get a hold of the next Princess Diaries book or either of the other two books I placed on hold for this read-a-thon. 
While I was at work I downloaded The Monstromologist, but had no time to actually read it.

Sunday May 14
I read nothing before, after, or during work. It was a long day and once I came home I wanted to relax and watch Once Upon a Time's 2 hour season finale and just end the day there. 

Although I didn't read much on certain days I'm glad I participated in this week long readathon because it made me read more than I would usually have. Did anyone else participate and if you did do you know of any upcoming readathons that are similar that I can also join? 

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