Thursday, February 2, 2012

1st Outfit of the Day Video!

Hello everyone,
I am so excited for tomorrow I have been looking forward to go thrifting and going to the salon all week. I am going to try to do a thrifting haul so look for that tomorrow. Today I did my OOTD via video to try out the camera for tomorrow, it worked, but I found out that my sister's computer does not have editing software and I don't want to download anything. So, please excuse tomorrow's haul if you see a lot of errors/bloopers. I edited today's OOTD with YouTube's video manager, but it took me a while to fix it so I might end up posting the haul video late by hours or days.For now I will leave everyone with this video. This was one of the shirts my mom's friend gave me.
Wish me luck.

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