Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thrift & Gift Haul

Hello Everyone!
I made a haul video yesterday and uploaded/edited it on YouTube today. So, I'm sorry for the wait. As you can see on the video my hair is the same and that's because I told my sister that I wanted to cut my hair and she decided to tag along and cut hers as well, so I'll be doing that sometime today or whenever my sister and I have free time. I didn't want to disappoint my followers and so I went to the thrift store to give everyone one of the things I had promised to do. I went to a local Vintage Thrift store and looked through the dollar section only and I found a bunch of cool clothing. I tried some on and ended up getting 11 shirts. I plan on going again sometime soon because they restock this Monday. But for now I'll stick with what I have. Enjoy my haul...

Sorry for the length of the videos and my lack of combining the videos, but YouTube didn't allow me to have a video longer than 15 minutes.
-mabel (:

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