Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Clothes

This Friday I am going to go thrifting after getting a haircut and I have decided that I want to do a collective haul afterwards. I don't know if I can videotape it because I am using my sisters camera to update my OOTDs and it doesn't have any space left because she has pictures from our vacation on there. I will try to make a video since I have clothes that I received recently. My mom's friend gave her two big bags full of clothes for my sister and I. I want to share what I got although I waited to show the things because my mom was washing them for us. Expect to see a lot of Betty Boop t-shirts. Also, I am going to buy some clothes at the thrift store so I will include that. I saved up and am planning to look through the dollar section in my thrift store since they have nice things hidden in there. I might wear one of the shirts I was gifted tomorrow, if so I will do an outfit of the day.

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