Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY: Daily Planner

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to post a little project I did and am still working on. Hopefully, people can make their own since I am posting this on the last day of January meaning people probably went out and bought their own planner/agenda by now. If anyone follows me on Twitter @friendlvr then you probably saw me talking about the Wreck This Journal books, which have suddenly become popular, even more than they already were. Anyways, I have a bunch of notebooks in my possession that I haven't used and wanted to use in some way, maybe one day I'll make my own homemade Wreck This Journal, but for now I have made my own planner. Now I know it isn't perfect or amazing, but I think that as the year progresses it will look way better. If I remember to do it at the end of the year I'll post pictures of what it looks like, hopefully it looks tattered, busted, beaten, used, and overall beautiful. 

Step 1:
Find a notebook that has plenty of pages that you wouldn't mind carrying around everywhere you go and looking at every single day of the year...
 My notebook is actually a diary from the 90s that I bought and had in my collection. I added a picture of my nephews to the already included section on the cover. You can decorate your cover or leave as is depending on the notebook you choose. 

Step 2:
Go through each page and write out, stamp, or paste a sticker with the date. It will take time if you wrote it out like me, but once you are done you can also add tabs, of each month, to your planner using anything you have, I used post it notes that I just folded over. 

Step 3 (optional):
In order to open the planner without looking for the page you left off on, add a bookmark. Luckily, my notebook already had a ribbon on it so I added the beads at the end of it to add a personal touch. 
Step 4: 
Add due dates, to do lists, and anything else you want to remember on a daily basis. Personalize your planner by drawing pictures, adding stickers, and using fancy writing. 

That's about it you can add more things to your planner as the year goes by. 

If anyone made their own planner or is planning to make one let me know, if you have a Twitter send me a picture and use the hash-tag #thelifeof713 in order for me and anyone else reading to find all the creative planners our little community has made.


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