Thursday, February 13, 2014

House of... Books!

Hello Everyone!
So, these past two weeks were Midterm weeks and some assignments were due so I had to work on that, so sorry for being gone. 
These past few days I've been craving a good book to read and have been looking at a few books that sounded interesting on the internet. I have been stalking my library's website, BookTube, and Goodreads for anything I could find and I found a bunch of books that I want to read, unfortunately I went to the library today and I had trouble finding what I wanted.  I went to the library with my brother so I was getting rushed because he didn't want to be there, he'd rather be playing video games. Anyways, I found a book I was interested in and had no idea that it had been published already, it is part of a series I started reading on my last year of high school. 
It is the 11th book of A House of Night Novel: Revealed, it's basically another young adult vampire book, but this series is about a school which is for "marked ones" which are basically teens who get marked with a beautiful tattoo on their forehead and they are sent to a school to learn about being a vampire, they don't become full on vampires at this point, and some students even die because their body rejects the change into a vampire.  
For now I only borrowed that book from the library, but once I finish it I am going back to get another book which I just realized I didn't read from a different series. Then once I finish that one I'll hopefully be on vacation and I can place a few books on hold so I can pick them up and read while on Spring break. 
For now, I'll be stalking my websites and Googleing books/genres and hopefully I'm going to find some blogs where I can find some suggestions of books to read. Let me know if there is a good book out there that I should read. Also, Kalel Kitten from Frilly+Fancy talked about V.C. Andrews' books which I was hoping to find at my local library today, but I only found a few I wasn't interested in so those are definitely going to be placed on hold soon. 

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