Friday, January 16, 2015

Learning to Drive!

I am back and ready for a new year here on my blog. 
I wanted to talk about something that I am currently up too. 
While I was in Mexico my dad decided to start giving me driving lessons. And I was excited every time he let me get behind the wheel especially since there aren't a lot of people on the road over there like there are here (the US). The roads are more like highways and there are no stop lights or multiple lanes, the actual town is very different so I didn't drive around town myself since the streets are very small. I felt that by the end of our trip I was already getting the hang of driving around, but now that I am in America I went back to square 1. 
When I was in Mexico I didn't mind driving around, but now that I am in a city learning how to drive I am terrified. Every time my dad asks me to go with him I know that he is going to make me drive back and I am praying that he just drives us back home himself. I have only driven twice here this week since we got back (we got here Saturday) and both times I feared for everyone's life. On the second time I was even shaking once I got home. I just don't like having to drive around a bunch of cars and I know that I suck. I want to just tell my dad that I'm done and that I'll just live life being driven around or taking the bus. 
I'm afraid of crashing or picking up speed instead of hitting the breaks, I'm afraid of having to drive in front of all of my siblings because I know that they will all give me some sort of advice that won't really help me out (ex. "It's just like walking"). 
So, this year I hope to get rid of my fear of driving and actually learn how to drive. I don't think i will get my license this year because I have a long way to go, but I hope I can at least pass the written exam.

My New Years Resolutions are basic and are more like things I need to do, but they are:
1. Get a job/career
2. Be comfortable driving the Family Suburban
3. Learn how to drive
4. Get my license

I'll check back on this list next year to see if I accomplished these goals. 
Here's to hoping 2015 goes well!

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