Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 22): The Roadtrip [WiFi]

If this post makes it up I'm either back home or found WiFi (hopefully it's the latter). 

I'm currently sitting in my family's suburban trying to connect to a WiFi connection from a nearby restaurant (which we ate at today). It goes on and off, but in the end it hasn't been working. I'm trying to connect in order to download a library book I had placed on hold using my OverDrive app. 

During the past few days (Days 18-21) I was traveling to Mexico. We left on the 18th and we were going to get here on the 20th before noon, but we started having car troubles. We got to Tepic and had to stop at a mechanics and we were there all day we got there really early in the morning before 8am and left until after 5pm. We decided to drive through the night because we just wanted to get home by that time. We got home until 3am the next morning. We slept in the next day, took a good shower and ate, went to church, visited my grandma, visited my aunts, and finally came home and slept again. 

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