Wednesday, February 18, 2015

January/February Photo Diary

This is so annoying, having to write when there is really nothing to say. I keep saying I'll start writing again and then radio silence and I have no excuse except for me being lazy. I don't want to blog using my iPad because there is no keyboard and I don't blog because I'm to lazy to turn on my laptop and then have to set it up. I'm not doing anything so I have a lot of time to write, but then again I have nothing to write about since I AM DOING NOTHING! I hate it!

Instead of writing things out and making this a long post here is what I have done while I was off doing nothing in picture format.

My nephews come over during the weekend and my brother and I usually just hang out with them since they end up sleeping over all weekend, which is the best part of my week since again, I don't do anything during the weekday. In January and this past Valentine's day I also got to babysit my niece for a few hours. She is just so cute even though she did get sick the first time I took care of her and then this past weekend she had a huge temper tantrum which just ended up being a routine that she usually does at home anyways.

While my family and I were in Mexico my great-aunt had a brain aneurysm of sorts and was hospitalized. So we have been visiting her every week, she's been home for a few weeks now and is slowly recovering.

Since I'm home all the time I've been making myself a lot of lunch that involves bread, mostly always for some reason.

Along with many other people out there I decided to do the PopSugar Reading Challenge for 2015 so I have been reading a lot more than usual. I am currently stuck reading a book that I am not to happy about, but here are a few I already finished reading...

I had two interviews in January, but the position I was applying for wasn't something I was hoping to go into which I am sure the company knew so I didn't get any call backs. I am still looking, although it's hard to find jobs online nowadays.

I recently helped my sister clean out her side of the closet (we share a closet) and got some clothes for myself in the process. I have a bunch of old jeans (almost all of them aren't my size anymore) and so I decided to try and make my own ripped denim jeans. I don't really wear these so it wasn't such a lose when I messed them up, I still want to add a patch behind it though.

I don't really have a picture to insert here since it's hard to drive and take pictures, but I have been driving and getting used to the family car. I still hate driving, but I'm not as scared of it anymore.

Is there anything new in your life?

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