Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bare Faced and Beautiful

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed my recent book reviews, which I plan on only doing once a month so as not to bombard you with one every week. 

Today I am planning to do something I saw Grace from UglyFaceofBeauty do a week ago. You can see the post I am talking about here

I don't usually wear makeup, although I do love wearing it and changing my look every once in a while, but I love seeing other women in their natural state. In today's day and age it seems as if girls are wearing makeup at a younger age and go to school worrying about how they look. When I was younger I had no care in the world about my face and how it looked, I didn't even wear makeup to school like every other girl. 

In high school my friends decided to make me up one day and I felt so good on that one day, they didn't do anything extravagant, but for one day people weren't looking at my blemishes and they were looking at me as if I was just another girl. I loved how I looked and I felt more confident. This post isn't me saying everyone should stop wearing makeup, it's just me saying that you shouldn't hide behind your makeup because everyone has flaws and sometimes your flaws aren't as ugly as you might think.

This is me in my natural state...

Natural also means my white streak and the white skin on my forehead...

My everyday look is something like this hair up, natural face (no makeup) flaws and all...
The last thing I want to share is my list of everything I love about myself when I have no makeup on.

Ø  I love my nose because it reminds me of my dad’s family
Ø  I love my eyebrows’ weird shape
Ø  I love my eyes and how small they may seem
Ø  I love my lips
Ø  I love the shade of my skin (even my white spot)
Ø  I love me (:

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