Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Car Trouble Adventures

Last Tuesday afternoon turned out to be an adventure and since the "adventure" officially ended today I thought I would share my little story. 
After posting last week, my dad and I headed to a doctor's appointment he had, we left a bit more than an hour before the actual appointment because there is usually a lot of traffic. We were almost at the doctor's office when all of a sudden our car turned off. It was weird because it still sounded and looked as if the engine was still running, but the car was actually off. So after turning it back on we got back on the road and not even a block away it stopped again. Luckily we were near a small neighborhood so my dad got to turn the car a bit into the street; some officers were there so they pushed the car for us so that we could actually be parked rather than blocking the street. After many attempts to turn the car back on we finally decided to just leave it were we parked and walk to our destination. We tried catching the bus, but we weren't sure when it would pass and how much it cost. We got to the doctor's office 10 minutes later than our appointment and with blisters on our feet (we were both wearing sandals and walking fast). After the appointment my siblings picked us up since they had just gotten out of work. My brother's friend ended up lending us his AAA card in order to get the car towed to our house. 
Today my dad and I fixed the suburban, it took all day, but we fixed it. We had to replace a part in the fuel tank and we also ended up replacing the fuel filter. 

These pictures were taken in the morning when we were still trying to take all the gas out of the tank. We filled three of those little red canisters you see in the pictures and still had a whole bucket of gas left. We ended up spilling so much gas because of the part we were working with, but after hours of working on the car we finally fixed it and it was just a nice day to work on it; it was a cool day so we weren't under the car sweating our butts off.

The main reason why I wanted to share my little adventure is to give you a list of things you should always have in your car in case this ever happens to you. It's very simple and only involves three things, this is for one of those days when you really need to get somewhere and you have no time (or the parts) to fix your car. You should always have...
          1. A comfortable pair of sneakers 
          2. A cellphone
          3. Pocket change (for the bus/taxi)

If you have those three things then you are set, tools would be great to have but they can't always help fix the problem. We actually had to order a part which came yesterday afternoon, so we had to wait a whole week before getting to fix the car. 

This Saturday I will be blogging as well because I am participating in Dewey's 24hour read-a-thon. If you would like to join this wonderful community you can sign-up to be a part of it here:  http://24hourreadathon.com/2015/03/26/april-2015-reader-sign-ups/
I will probably not update my blog post in the morning because I will most definitely still be asleep and then I will be doing volunteer work in the morning, but I will update as soon as I am in reach of a WiFi connection. I will also be doing random updates on my twitter account so follow me @friendlvr

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  1. Wow! Good thing you know how to fix a car all by yourself. How is it now? I'm glad that it's working great again, and thanks for the tips that you shared about those must-haves in our car. Take care!

    Cayla Maggio @ Now Then Transmission