Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Wardrobe Idea

Hello Everyone! 
Today I wanted to share something I am currently doing and sort of shared on Twitter a few days ago:
I share a small closet space with my sister, or rather she shares it with me since she's older, and my closet is always packed with clothing most of which I don't wear. I decided that instead of buying new clothes, I would just use up what I have in my closet and slowly throw things away based on how torn up they are or get. I already threw away a few of my leggings because they ripped (they always rip in the most awkward spot). So now I only have a few comfy pants and then of course my jeans which I don't really wear since it's hot and I'm just home all day. I have a lot more shirts than pants in my closet, but I am also planning to throw out or give away shirts that I don't wear. Since my closet is so small I just want to keep my everyday basics in there. I might have a little cleaning session tomorrow to make my closet space look smaller. 
Once I use up all the clothes (or almost all) I currently have I plan on buying essentials and actually being picky about what I buy. I want to pick things I would actually pick out on a regular basis and wear it without thinking twice. I want to finally have a style and not just be all over the place with my wardrobe. I already know some things I like wearing for example stripes, black, and soft fabrics. 
Next on my list is a "wish list" of clothes I like so that I could narrow down my style and what type of clothes I should buy after a while.

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