Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo

Hello Everyone and Happy Cinco de Mayo!
That was me in elementary school in one of our Cinco de Mayo celebrations. It used to be so fun we used to dance according to what grade we were in and dress up for it and after everyone danced we had a small sort of carnival where we could win prizes. I actually won a goldfish once during Cinco de Mayo, it died a few days afterwards and I buried it in my backyard, but I thought it was cool. In fifth grade we got a new principal and the festivities just weren't the same anymore, after elementary school the day just wasn't celebrated the same way. I'm not sure if my school district is the only one that went all out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but I would like to know if anyone experienced any similar festivities wherever you grew up and went to school. 

Cinco de Mayo is just one of the many events I enjoyed celebrating in school. It was one of those holidays everyone participated in, but didn't really understand. So, for those who don't celebrate it, but hear about it through social media all you need to know is that it is not Mexico's Independence Day (that's actually in September). 

Another special day that is coming up this weekend is Mother's Day (American/Mexican) so I would like to say an early Happy Mother's Day to my readers. My niece is going to be 1 year old this weekend as well so that's going to be another celebration. This month is full of celebrations that I haven't even mentioned yet and I can't wait. 

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