Monday, October 3, 2016

FrightFall Wrap-Up

Monday October 3
I worked all morning today so I didn't get to read until maybe 6pm. I read a few pages of Library of Souls before starting work, around 5 pages although one photo takes up an entire page so let's say 3 and a half pages read. After work I read the first 69 pages of The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. So in total I read around 74 pages on my first day.

Tuesday October 4
It was my day off which meant an entire day for me to read. I read The Unexpected Everything hoping to finish as much as I could today because it is due in about four days. I read a total of 203 pages today.

Wednesday October 5
Today I finished reading The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson, I only had 74 pages left to read. I then read 35 pages of Behind Every Mean Girl...there's a tragedy, but had to stop because it felt similar to The Unexpected Everything. After giving myself a break I continued reading Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs, I stopped after a while so I only read 52 pages. After reading a little bit of each book  I read 161 pages in total today. 

Thursday October 6
Today was a busy day, I pretty much worked all day and once I got out there was so much traffic that I only had a few hours to rest. In the two hours before falling asleep I read 49 pages of Library of Souls.

Friday October 7
Another busy work day today where I decided to take a break from reading once I got home. I read a few pages of Library of Souls before and after work, but in total it was only 19 pages. I took the train home so I read a few pages of Memoirs of a Geisha which I have yet to finished, I keep it in my bag for train rides or other moments where I can sit down and read; I read 8 pages of that before having to stop. So in total I read 27 pages today which makes me wonder if I'm even going to finish my one goal for the week, read a scary book.

Saturday October 8
Today was all about number 8 not only the date, but also the number of pages I managed to read. I picked up Library of Souls before work and that's about it once I came home I just had no motivation to read. 

Sunday October 9
There's something about weekends where I just can't ever find time to read, which can be fine since I'm usually relaxing either way (when I'm not at work). Today I only read 8 pages (again) after work, but kept getting distracted so I decided to stop.

Basically I failed this week since I didn't get to finish reading my "scary" book which was the one and only challenge this week. I love week long read-a-thons, but they can get stressful if you have to work. Finding time to read was hard before, after, and during work and by the last few days I was burned out, as you can see. 

In the next weekly read-a-thon hopefully I have more time to read or just relax and not stress about reading every free moment that I find. 

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