Monday, October 17, 2016

Spookathon & Dewey's Wrap-Up

Monday October 17
Workday: Only 3 hours of down time before prime time television because it's that time of the year again. I only read 29 pages of Library of Souls today because there was a lot of noise and distractions. 

Tuesday October 18
Today was my day off, I didn't read a lot though because I felt lazy and kept procrastinating. Not only with videos, but with appointments. I had an eye appointment scheduled today so that took around two hours out of my day, I then came home and looked for new glasses online. I did this all afternoon, and ended up choosing one of the first glasses I saw. Once they come I'll share them and what I think. I read 80 pages of Library of Souls, just a few pages from the end.

Wednesday October 19
I finished reading the last 19 pages of Library of Souls, the last book in the Peculiar Children series, this morning. I then read two stories (46 pages) in The Monstrous and stopped in order to hang out with my brother for the rest of the afternoon. I also took a quick nap somewhere in between that time and watched a few videos. I basically read 65 pages today on my last day off this week so that's telling you how this read-a-thon is going for me.

Thursday October 20
Workday: I had three hours to myself after work when I finally got to read.
Today I read 43 pages of The Monstrous and to tell you the truth I'm not in love with the book. The stories inside aren't scary and are very complex, the hot weather doesn't help either since I start to get sleepy when I read.

Friday October 21
Workday: I went into work a bit later, but got out even later than I originally intended to stay. When I work longer I get a longer break so I actually read a bit at work today.
I finished the story I started reading yesterday this morning before work and began a new story. This new story is actually really good and I want to finish it, I even read a bit at work, but once I got home my neighbors had really loud music on right next to my bedroom window so I couldn't read. So today I only read 14 pages of the monstrous.

Saturday October 22
Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon|Spookathon|BookBuddy
I was planning to do a play by play of what I did every hour during the 24 hour read-a-thon today, but it would be very bleak to say the least. I was asleep the first 7-8 hours of it after 3 hours of getting ready and commuting I worked for another 6 hours and after an hour of going back home, I ended up in church, another hour lost. At the end of the night I had only read 11 pages of The Monstrous.

Sunday October 23
I worked the same hours as yesterday, but since it is Sunday there wasn't much traffic on my way to work so I got to read a bit before work. Once I got out of work I had to go run errands so I didn't read much that afternoon. For my final day of this Readathon I read 21 pages of The Monstrous. On the bright side it finally feels like fall weather, it was nice and gloomy today and it started to rain when I was out and about.

Although this read-a-thon wasn't eventful, I feel like this next week is going to be better since I am currently reading and it's my day off so I have time to read and am planning to go to the library. That explains why I didn't put up a TBR for BookBuddyathon, I knew I would still be reading The Monstrous, but other than that I have only two other books to read. One of the challenges is to read 5 books and I didn't have any that I could or would want to read next. Plus, although this is a read-a-thon were you have to read a book with a buddy, I am reading all books for myself and not with anyone else. So I still need to choose two books that won't really work with two of the challenges. Once I get all my books together I'll post that TBR or post it along side the wrap-up at the end of the week, we shall see.

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