Friday, May 4, 2012

Lavender Hair

I know that the last time I came on I wanted to cut and dye my hair which I did, but it wasn't what I wanted so know I finally figured out what I want to do to my hair although it isn't going to happen for a while. I want to let my hair grow out so it can look something like Demi Lovato's long layered hair, which I love. I also want to dye my hair an odd color, but none the less very me. I love purple and lavender is a nice pale shade of that color. If I could I would dye it right now, but I know that I won't be allowed to do it and it wouldn't come out right. So, here are a few pictures of the hair I want and a video that makes me want it even more...Enjoy!
I found the picture below and I thought it was pretty and I would love to do that hair color as well....

And finally the video that i might use one day...


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