Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thrifting Wednesday

Hello everyone, 
On Wednesdays one of the thrift store near my house has a bunch of items that are 50% off. I really wanted to go today, but I have work to do and it is too hot to walk there. So instead I went to one that is near my house and next to the bus stop that I got off at. I had gone the day before and I found 2 plastic hands (a purple one and a green one) that holds your rings for $1.50 each, but decided not to buy them that day. So, today I went back to get them and they were gone I was so sad and the lady that sells there isn't much help. I hate that thrift store because of her lame customer service and the fact that she watches you until you actually like something and charges you a high price. So, I ended up looking around and I got a pink hard shell case for a pair of sun glasses that I have for $1. 

The inside is a light skin tone color and the outside is a lighter pink. I think the picture above adds dark shadows to it. 
And I found a beautiful necklace while browsing the shelves. It was inside a small Ziploc bag and it is pretty dirty and is missing a stone, but I couldn't leave it. It  looks like something off of Jewel Mint, but it was only $1.  I can't wait to wear it.

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