Wednesday, October 9, 2013

School bag

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share my deal of the week... A $2 book bag!
I went to a swap meet this past Sunday and found this bag for what I heard was just a dollar which was a steal, but once I went to pay was told it was $2 (either way a good price). I love big bags because I can fit all my school supplies in it and have room to place my lunch/dinner inside. I also love this bag because it is a cross body bag, which is great for a bag that tends to be heavy in the mornings. Also, it had beautiful colors and a beautiful design all around the bag which just makes it that much better.
Anyways, I'm just waiting for my first class to start for today (40minutes to go). It's a bit cold today so I decided to wear some comfy clothes including a gray shirt with a hoodie under this comfy maroon sweater... 
I love days like this, especially since it looks like it will rain. I hope everyone else is having or will have a good day and I'll write soon. 

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