Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Book Review #1: Asylum

Today I will be reviewing a book I recently read. As I have mentioned before I want to start reviewing books that I read since I read a lot and love finding out about new books (as do others). This is the first of many reviews I am planning to write throughout the year and I hope you enjoy.


It took me a while to start reading this book and because of this I had forgotten the actual genre so I went in thinking it was a horror book. In reality Asylum written by Jeannette de Beauvoir turned out to be more of a historical fiction/mystery novel. Although most of the things the author wrote about did really occur in the past (according to the author's note) there are many fictional plots. 
The book is following a past and present story. We don't know it in the beginning of the novel, but the story first starts in the past where we follow the story of a young girl named Gabrielle. Throughout the novel her story is told, yet the character we actually follow (in the present) is Martine LeDuc. After a few chapters you can tell that these two characters are from a different time and lead different lives. 

The book is mainly about Martine LeDuc and a detective, named Julian, who are assigned to look into the deaths of four women. They go beyond expected and actually start investigating together and find connections that the police officers in charge of the case didn't pay much attention to. They finally figure out how all four women were connected, but they still don't know who murdered them. Martine LeDuc finds out a little to late who the killer is.

Overall, I gave this book a 3 out of 5. I enjoyed Gabrielle's story the most (even though her story was short snippets at the end of each chapter) because it's the story I actually wanted to read when I chose the book. Martine's story was okay, it had its good times, but there wasn't much that I enjoyed. I was starting to enjoy it once she was with the killer, but afterwards her story seemed to end quickly. I would have liked to see her interact with her step children one last time maybe had a change of heart/told them she loved them. Basically the book was slow at times and it felt repetitive at others and although they looked for a killer the entire time there was no actual deaths during the entire book (which I understand), but it is supposed to be about murders too. 

This book is out now, Tuesday March 10th, so if you do go out and buy it please let me know how wrong I am about the book and how good it actually is. 

*I received the book through NetGalley for review. All opinions are my own.*

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