Tuesday, March 3, 2015

4 Things to do without Internet

My internet isn't the most reliable and I've had to deal with finding entertainment that doesn't include wifi plenty of times before. After having finished homework or any chores the last thing you want is to find yourself without wifi since almost everything is online now. So, I thought I should share a few things I do when I don't have any wifi.

Books/ Magazines
I am an avid reader so this is something I tend to do even if there is wifi, but it is one of the best things to do without an Internet connection. If books aren't your thing flipping through magazines is the next best thing, I have a huge pile of magazines I keep just in case (great for road trips too). 
There are many book apps you can use as well that don't need wifi (as long as the book is downloaded onto the app). There is a library app called Overdrive where you can borrow audio and digital books from your local library with your library card account, that is great. There is a social book app call Wattpad where people can write books and and anyone can read them, most of them are fan fiction ,but you can find some great books on there. The other common apps are iBooks and  Kindle where there are only a few free books, but you can definitely buy a book as well. 

Almost everyone has some sort of iPod or music device where they can listen to music, but have any of you heard of Podcasts. There is an app on Apple products where you can download audio shows and listen to them whenever you want without wifi. It is the best thing to have when you want to listen to something other than the same pop songs on the radio.

If there is no internet then that means Netflix and YouTube is out of the picture so why not pull out an old DVD and watch that instead. 

If you have a lot of people who want the wifi back why not pull out the old board games and play a game. Everyone loves group games every once in a while. If you want alone time though, there are a few games in the App Store that can keep you busy.

There are a lot of things you can do, but I hope you enjoyed these four tips on what to do.
Let me know what you do without wifi.

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