Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Book Review #2: Ask the Dark


Ask the Dark by Henry Turner is a book about a boy who isn't loved by many because of all the bad things he has done. He has since changed his ways and is trying to make money in order to save his family from foreclosure. He finds it really hard because of people and their lack of trust. His task soon changes from making money to solving the towns current concern, finding the person responsible for many abductions and murders.

This book was unusual, there were three factors that changed what I thought about the book. At the beginning I thought this book was going to be annoying because of the three factors I will tell you about in a few minutes, but as I continued to read the book these three things contributed to this book being what it is. The three factors that changed my mind about this book were...
  1. The Narrative voice
  2. The way the book was written (i.e. long paragraphs with dialog mixed in)
  3. The pace of the book
This story is being told by a boy who's dialect is very prominent in the book. At first it was hard to get into that mindset and read the book without getting discouraged, but a few short chapters in I got used to it, even if I stopped reading and came back to it later. 

Another factor that made this book hard to read in the beginning was the fact that there were long chapters where the characters' dialog was hard to follow, it got easier once I understood how the book was written.

Finally this book is broken up into three parts and the first two have a lot of information that can start to become repetitive and  I found myself hoping the character would get to the point. Although I was glad the character gave us all these details because things just started to fall into place by the end of the second part . The "action" begins mid part two of the book and it's hard to put the book down. 

The book is a short read, but none the less it is a great read. It's different from other things I've read and I enjoyed that, even though it took me a few pages to realize that. I wasn't sure what rating to give this and I almost gave it a 4, but the ending made me change my mind so it got a full on 5 out of 5. 

I really enjoyed this book and I would definitely go out and buy it on it's release day, which is Tuesday April 7, 2015.  I want my own paperback copy of this book just to hold and call my own. 

*I recieved a digital copy of the book through NetGalley for review. I am not sponsored by anyone and all opinions are my own.*

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