Thursday, February 21, 2013

Directors, Bracelets, Library, Apps, & Thrift

Just by the title you can tell I have a lot to say...Let's start off with yesterday.
Wednesdays are usually my long days this quarter and so I didn't want to wake up yesterday morning, dreading the day to follow. I went to my first class and watched a film that was made in Mexico. Usually, I start dosing off whenever my professor starts playing a movie since it is an early class, but surprisingly I didn't dose off at all during the film. Once I got out of that class, I attended an Arts & Craft event where I made three bracelets, two of which we used ribbon and 8 washers to make, the last we just used yarn. (I will post a picture below of how I am stacking my bracelets on one arm.)
After the event I watched some YouTube videos and then decided to eat dinner, which I take from my house. Every Wednesday I take a big bowl of noodles (Souper Meal Picante Shrimp) and eat that for dinner. I had added all the ingredients except the finishing touch into the bowl and went to microwave it. I soon realized that I forgot to add water, but it was to late and I had burned my bowl of noodles and caused some people in the office (where the microwave is located) to laugh at me and cough because of all the smoke. I ended up apologizing, leaving, and telling myself that I wan't going to be able to go back to that office ever again. I ended up smelling like smoke the rest of the evening.
I went to my last class after an hour of wanting to take a shower, and wanting to eat a good meal, and just sitting in front of a TV astonished at what I had just done (I have been eating cup of noodles since I can remember, they are my favorite quick meal and it is so easy to make w/o mistakes, or so I thought). Anyways once I got to class I remembered who was coming to class as our guest speakers, none other than Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the directors of Little Miss Sunshine and Ruby Sparks and so many other works (commercials and music videos). I enjoyed listening to their experiences in the industry and watching some things they did when they first started. I posted a picture on my instagram, but I will post it again here.
 Today I decided to go to the library because I need to watch "To Kill a Mockingbird" for an essay and since I don't have it I borrowed it from the library. I also borrowed a book I started reading last year, but didn't finish because of school (I really love this series: House of Night Series). I also looked at the books that were for sale and bought some, each book is .25 cents so I bought 10. I think I have the first two, (all the books are pictured below) but I wasn't sure.
Once I got out of the library I went to a thrift store that is in between the library and my house. I didn't get anything, but I found a nice faux fur coat that I tried on. It wasn't my size, but I took a picture on a dirty mirror to show you how it looked on. I also took a few pictures of the small thrift store so you can see what I was dealing with, it isn't my favorite thrift store, but it is close to my house.
And finally today I went on an app I have called app gratis where the creators share an app they love with you and you get it for free just for that day. I got it because I wanted to get Plants Vs. Zombies (a game) free, since it usually costs $2.99 or for the HD version $6.99, since the day I got my iPod, so I have been patiently waiting to see if they finally gave me my little wish.  Low and behold, they offered the $2.99 version of Plants vs. Zombies for free today, I mean that is a deal for one of the best games iTunes has to offer. So, GO GET IT NOW AND JUST TRY IT... IT'S FREE!
I am so ecstatic right now that I just can't type anymore, I will post pictures below and then off I go to play one of my favorite games for free (I am super duper giddy right now).

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