Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day

So my day went a little something like this...
I woke up and gave my dog his medicine. He has a big heart, literally, he's old and has arthritis among other things. After a while I got dressed and ate breakfast. I went to school sometime after 11am.
I had a midterm so once I got into my class I studied until the professor got there. It was hard to study at one point because people around me started to talk. I felt like I did well, but you never know. Even though many professors allow you to leave once you finish your midterm, our professor let us have a little break before coming back to class. During my break I read some blogs that I follow using an offline rss app because the classroom we use doesn't have wifi signal for some reason. Also, I noticed that my Facebook app was doing something weird (note the picture below, let me know if you have ever experienced this before).
After the break we began watching "An American Beauty" which we will keep watching the next time our class meets. Then everyone in our class picked out a film to watch for our term paper from a long list of movies, I got "To Kill a Mockingbird". I have never seen or read it before so it will be my first time watching the story. For some reason I also want to watch "The hand that rocks the cradle", I haven't seen that movie since I was much younger. once I got out of that class, I came home.
I ate dinner because I was famished and then my sister lend me her laptop. I caught up on some YouTube subscriptions and then turned it off and took a shower.
Since I don't have class until tomorrow afternoon, I am probably going to stay up and read some e-books I downloaded for free, I couldn't help myself I really wanted to do some leisurely reading.

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