Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Purses & Closet Space

This entire quarter I have been wanting to change my purse to a bigger purse I wore before, but the shoulder strap broke (the long one, it still has the two small handles) so I stopped using it. I have it stored in my garage, but I am truly thinking about using it again. Another reason that keeps me from using it is that it's a dressy type of bag, and I haven't been doing much of that (dressing up, I wear a lot of t-shirts and comfy pants).
During my break this morning, I went on Pinterest and found some nice ways to store my purses, but most of them won't work for me since my closet is very small. I might end up putting some purses under my bed or getting a nice container and placing them in there.
If you want to see my purse collection let me know; I was planning to do that tomorrow, but I need to place all the pictures I have in my iPod somewhere else because I don't have anymore storage left.

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