Friday, February 21, 2014

26 days to go: Introduction

Daily Blogging for 26 days! How does that sound? Well it's happening from today up until March 17 or so. I downloaded a countdown app a few weeks back because I needed something to countdown to days when I had something exciting to look forward to. The closest thing is Spring Break, which is a bit more than a week for me to relax. I am not really going to do anything crazy like people in movies, but I needed a pick me up and I definitely need a few days to do nothing at home. I think I might do countdowns to specific things every once in a while on this blog just because it is my last year in college so writing down things is probably going to be best for memories later on in life. 
I am going to be writing everyday similar to Blogmas last year, so I look forward to that and hope everyone else who follows my blog is excited since I haven't been posting in a long time. If anyone is interested in the app that I am using it is called My Day and it is free in the App Store. 
Since this is a countdown to Spring Break I will be going backwards, so I will start on day 26 (today) and end on Day 1 (first day of Spring Break). I hope it doesn't get confusing as the days go by. Let me know what you are looking forward to by commenting or tweeting me using the phrase #thelifeof713 on your tweet. 

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