Monday, February 24, 2014

Countdown to Spring Break:

Mondays are my "long" days. I'm basically stuck in school all day, which is why I probably won't write as much on Mondays and sometimes Wednesdays, luckily I am on my break right now so I can sit down and write this using my iPod. 
I actually feel rested today because I was at home this morning for a longer time than usual since my dad took my aunt to the doctors and he got home 10 minutes before my class started so I was almost late. I don't live that far away from my school so I got there a few minutes after class started and the only problem was that I couldn't find a good seat. I think that I can survive the rest of the day without feeling so tired and annoyed as every other Monday. 
I came to school bundled up because I get out late and it is usually cold by then and because it is supposed to rain this week, but today ended up being really hot. I'm not complaining though because that's California weather for you even during Winter. 
I hope today goes smoothly from here on and not just for me. Have a great day everyone.

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