Friday, February 28, 2014

The Internet was down for two hours and I thought I wasn't going to be able to write today, but luckily the Internet started working a few minutes ago. 
Today I am going to share the project I had been working on, which I mentioned a few posts ago. I teach a Saturday school class in my local church and last week I had to be the substitute of two other classes so I decided to do a little lesson that involved a story and an activity to follow that. I read them a story called "The Three Trees" which can be found here ( .

After reading the story to my students I let them
 write as many dreams as they wanted to place in
 a Hopes & Dreams jar which I forgot to take, so
 decided to do at home. Here is what I came 
up with...

Although, I was supposed to fill a jar with hopes
 and dreams I couldn't find one that could fit all 
the pieces of paper. Feel free to make your own
 and share, this project is usually done by people
 at the beginning of the year so that at the end 
of that year they could go back and see which 
hopes & dreams they actually got to 
accomplish, but I decided to do this a bit later 
than anyone else.
Here is what I used for my "jar" of hopes & dreams...
• basket or jar (I used an old shower caddy container: $1)
• paper for the wishes (try different colored paper: $1)
• Ribbon (to tie the wishes and to decorate with: $1)

It's really simple and fun to do with just about 
anyone. Also, there are many different types of 
jars out there that people have made that inspired
 me to do this project. Here are a few...

Definitely a fun project for a rainy day,

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