Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bad Day

Yesterday, I posted my OOTD and went to school. What I just noticed is that it never got published so I just submitted it again. Sorry for that late post.
Anyways, it seems like yesterday was just not my day. As I said, yesterday I posted right before heading to school around 6pm. I got dropped off at school, and headed to class. Once I got to the door I saw that class was cancelled, and my professor hadn't sent us an email which would have been a nice heads up. I tried calling my sister who had just dropped me off, but my iPod had no wifi. So by the time I got wifi I figured my sister was already home. I ended up waiting 3 hours for my brother to get out of his class so as to not make my sister drive to our school twice.
All in all yesterday was not a productive day. On the bright side I felt great with my straight hair, new shoes, comfy clothes, and beautiful makeup.
I felt great just because I loved what I was wearing, it was soooo me! If you follow Kandee Johnson she always dresses exactly how she wants to and that is why she is my inspiration (especially on those days when you feel so bad you rather sink into the ground).
There is always a bright side,

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