Monday, January 28, 2013

It gets better?

I am going to stop writing daily.
I started posting on blogs (this one) because I wanted my opinion to be heard and that isn't happening.
There are days were I know I have no future in this world, and that I am just waiting to die. Today is one of those days and I rather not share my negativity and so I am only going to write when I have something to say that is neutral or whatever.
I just want to delete every social media site I am connected to and be alone, but that doesn't happen. I want to be in a comfy home all alone, and I actually want to do nothing, hear no one, and just rest.
I wish I had nothing to do and no one who would judge me.
I know I am depressed and crying doesn't help, but I have nothing else.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh Mabel, I hope you don't mean that : ( I found your blog through the Thrifters Anonymous link up I think? Oh well. I like to thrift too, I have a lot of fun doing it for myself and for others in my family. I hope you are feeling better soon and return to blogging if you like it, if only for yourself. I feel the same about facebook sometimes, just want to get off of it because I find myself thinking about it too much sometimes! Hang in there, dark clouds always pass and make way for blue sunny skies : )