Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shower Problems

So I just got out of the shower or bath, I don't know, and the shower wasn't working. I basically had to leave the water running and use a sort of Tupperware to wet myself.
It was fine, but the real problem is that tomorrow everyone is going to blame me for whatever is wrong with the shower. It has happened before, something messes up in the shower and I get blamed because I'm the last one to use it (I'm the only one who showers at night, when everyone is asleep). It always gets "fixed" so it's not much of a problem, but it's not fun to deal with.
Anyways after doing the usual Saturday routine my brother and I spent the rest of our afternoon watching a marathon of "Being Human" (the US version) and I love it. The two main male leads are handsome in this version. I have a thing for Sam's (Aidan) smile. I guess he's my new TV crush. Lol
The dorkiest fan,

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